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If you are planning to attend the September 22nd play session in Vegas Join this club for information on where to meet etc. This is a Free Session open to Premium Members. Joining us will be @kachatz1 and @alex011.

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  2. Thnaks Kevin yes it was a great time we had and play some interesting shoes I just got back myself
  3. W84it ‘ way understated/ underrated’ , as he is fast becoming a real player -( OrPerhapsIWillJust’NameHimSuch‘) He is a Nice Guy. - Puts me to shame.Difference is he knows what he is doing...and why. But more importantly, he ‘ holds his own” just a few months “actual in” playing Thinking EVERYBODY MADE MONEY this event... ( in the end we always do...) CAN YOU AFFORD NOT TO PARTICIPATE NEXT ONE? - or even better, you come to Macauewith
  4. Just wanted to let everyone know I really enjoyed our time together. Some tough shoes and some fairly easy!! But overall it was great!! Looking forward to the next play session!! I will be here till Saturday the 29th. My son comes in tonight and he wants to hit Palazzo right away! See you down the road!!!
  5. Going to meet @kachatz1 at rio at 1 pm
  6. Just an FYI, I’m here at the Gold Coast in case someone wants to join me or meet somewhere else.
  7. we always find each other its not a big place
  8. Are we going to meet at any particular place at the Palms or are we just going to the tables and hope we can find each other?
  9. I’m staying on the strip and have to be at an early 5pm dinner before iHeart, so I don’t see me making a meet at Palms at 4pm.
  10. Spoke with Keith and agreed we will start at Palms @ 4:00 pm, Saturday 9/22 W2F comments about Friday night in Vegas, getting $25 table @ MGM are accurate...In fact very likely we could have to “ spread out” @ Palms among several tables... - We can always move from there to MGM (or another Casino) Reminder to all, this is a “ play session” only...not a seminar of any sort...Anyone unclear as to Palms location, it is @ 4321 W. Flamingo Rd. Las Vegas ...( any Uber, Lyft or taxi driver will know the way)...it is “ off the strip”, within walking distance of the Rio and Gold Coast WILL SEE YOU ALL AT 4:00 PM SATURDAY @ THE PALMS
  11. MGM is a comfortable place to play. If having a quarter game is important to you, you may want to check it out first. The quarter game table at MGM comes and goes. This is a very busy weekend in Vegas with two major multi-day music festivals, so it is possible MGM won’t have the quarter table.
  12. I will likely split my time between Palms and MGM. I like both places. Last time I was there MGM was a S40 game, and Palms had some pretty consistent TB4L games.
  13. I'm arriving on Friday Night at 9PM and staying for several days at Park MGM (Formerly Monte Carlo) I missed the last meetup, but had a great time on the sprint meeting. Looking forward to seeing everyone next weekend.
  14. I vote for MGM quarter game in the lounge was comfortable. I won't play at the gold coast can't stand it there. I also like the Palms game. The time I am thinking the afternoon at 4 ish till whenever but I just ask Kevin for his schedule. @Pompano Mike ( action Mike) I am sure will say the Palms). Whatever is easiest to get to is fine with me. Let's see what people suggest for times. and places. Where do you want to play @way2fast ?
  15. Does anyone know where the group is meeting to play, and at what time on the 22nd? I will be in town but also have several friends and family members with other activities. Hope to be able to manage the schedule to stop by the play session.
  16. I will be flying in late Wednesday night and staying a week at the Bellagio.
  17. I plan on attending but I'm curious when people are arriving and where they're staying?