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Las Vegas Tragedy
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For our members join us in Vegas on Oct 28th for the 2nd Baccarat Crawl. How much will it cost for Premium Members? Nada , Zero, Zip and to boot we are all going to make some $$$$. Join the Confirmed Players list they are now

Keith Smith
Pompano Mike

Kevin is just insisting we play the Lucky Dragon which will probably be our starting point to meet. You must be a Premium Member to come along so there's another reason to join to get to play with such great players and a reason to go to Vegas.  Sign up Sheet will follow


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Meet Way2Fast
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I was curious what the regulars think about recording shoes after a stop loss or stop win has been met. For example if 25 hands are played and a stop loss of -3 results, would it make sense to record hands until the end of the shoe to see what could have been or just move on to another shoe?

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Hey, All.

I just figured-out how to amp up your learning curve/results...and it is way, way beyond what you might imagine.

I  have been doing this for years...I just did not understand how it favorably impacted my results

( PS. - I had a conversation with a friend of Norm, early this am...he played with him extensively...this has NOTHING to do with Norm...just a " trigger event " for me)

During our discussion, " the lightbulb went off"

It's not what you think.

( BUT U WILL be BIG-TIME surprised...)
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