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$199.95 per 6 months

This is the subscription to the Premium Members players group. This is an auto-renewing subscription for 6 months at $199.95, It renews every six months.  This subscription does not include the hard copy tip sheets or access to the Strategic Baccarat Interface.  It is offered for those who like to keep abreast of new changes but at a lower cost per month by allowing access to the premium forum.  

For Credit Cards and quickest access fax this information 717.620.4537

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Address ( same as billing address on Credit Card)




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I authorize BeatTheCasino.com to bill the initial payment of $199.95 for the 6-months access and to additionally set up automatic payments of $199.95 every 6 months. I may cancel at any time by calling BeatTheCasino.com and indicating that I wish to discontinue payments for membership. Cancellations are not prorated and if cancelled you will have access until the current payment period is over.   Cancellations cannot be accepted over email requests. The Phone Number is 717.319.8935 




$99.95 per 6 months

This is for access to the Strategic Baccarat Interface only.  You will not get access to the Premium Members forum. If you would like to just practice with the SBI interface this will allow you to do that. Please allow 24 hours for your username to be emailed to you. 

$99.95 + $49.95 per month

Subscriptions to BeatTheCasino.com Professional Player's Club that includes Edge Blackjack Players Club and Strategic Baccarat Professional Players Club. 

1st Month included to our Professional Players Forum - Cancel anytime but most stay renews at the base price of $49.95 a month. 

This is the monthly subscription to the Professional Player's Club Forum and access to the Strategic Baccarat Toolset ( all Master Classes Videos) and the Edge Blackjack Videos and Professional Forum.  Get advice and interface with some of the best gamblers in the world.  Learn from the many players who know how to beat the casino.  Stay abreast of the best casinos to play in and learn the latest strategies that we have to offer.  Take the Baccarat tip sheet and clue cards on what strategy to play in the casino and learn how to win in real time. Additionally get the five master classes included in this purchase with our million dollar winners.  Learn the Edge Blackjack System the teaches you how to exploit the non-random rounds of a 6 or 8 deck Blackjack game. 

Learn the Secret Sauce of how to win consistently in Baccarat and Blackjack. 

If Baccarat is your game, upload your game to the Strategic Baccarat Interface so it can be analyzed from a statistical perspective and easily let others see what you have done. This tool is invaluable for any player serious about making money playing Baccarat. 

This is an incredible value included in your monthly subscriptions.  

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