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On 11/9/2017 at 5:27 AM, Hellboy said:

I would like to correct a point on my previous post.  When I said $10 bets were useless, this came across as very arrogant and was not meant to be.  The context here was aimed at myself,  for when I played $10 bets and could afford a lot more, I was sitting on the fence and safe, but sometimes to grow you need to get out of your comfort zone and ‘practice what you preach’, especially to yourself. 

I apologize for any unintended criticism, and assure everyone that no malice was intended. 

Wolfat’s comments above were very appropriate, in that start small, get your confidence up, and then the Baccarat world could be your oyster. 


Ahhhhh Hellboy! You do realize I have to take this opportunity to needle you in jest, don't you? LOL

I wanted to let you know that I thought about what you said. So, last Sunday, I decided to play at a $25 minimum table. What was weird about it was that I had much more anxiety playing for $10 and almost none for $25.

When I first started to play poker, my hands would shake just putting out the $1 and $2 blinds let alone making the first $10 bet. Every good poker player knows what it is like to get "felted." For me, the most was $1200 in the one hand. So I am not unaccustomed to losing.

$10... I would always feel anxiety and my mind was jittery to the point that I would forget to make the bet after a tie or even on a few occasions bet the wrong side of what I intended. This was even after playing more than one shoe, so, there was not excuse such as a "warm-up shoe."

For some reason, $25 did not bother me at all and I thought that even $50 would not stress me out. (Maybe, it is because $25-$50 bets in poker even at a $1/$2 table are routine. I don't know.) But, the $10???? Definitely,  it had to do with as you said "focus". I know that I had mentally felt like I did when I would spar either fencing or in martial arts. If you are not in the zone, you get your clock cleaned.

Definitely some good advice. Thanks!!!

What's that? Did I here you say what? "Purple chips." :o LOL :lol:

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16 minutes ago, JimmyBaccarat said:

What's that? Did I here you say what? "Purple chips." :o LOL :lol:

Hey Jim,

Purple ($500 chip over here) chip is a goal to aim for mate.  Over here ‘down under’ 1-3 Purple per day would be great. (Tax free also.)  The anxiety may be a different matter. 


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