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  2. Trends and Stats The players who develop a playing approach take into account the statistics in the game and the trends that those statistics point to. In this video, I try to explain their thought process in order for you to understand what they may be thinking in order to help you understand many of the approaches her at BeatTheCasino.com
  3. Event Counts and their significance Event counts and the relationship to one another is extremely if not the most important statistic to keep in Baccarat. As a player, you should continue to monitor all events. By events, I am speaking about 1,2 3 and 4 in a row, whether it be zig-zag or straight runs. In the next video, I give you clarification of what events are and add information to help you determine what is most common (MC - in statistics referred to as the mode) least common (LC), attached events and unattached events and their significance in a game
  4. Comparing OTB4L vs TBL Another statistic that is valuable is to compare two traditional systems to one another and track the disparity between them. One of the best two to do this with is TBL vs. OTB4l. While one favors, repeats and zig-zag run the other is valuable know if a shortage of ones but short, same side runs are winning more. In the 5d approach that many players use this is one of the primary statistics when looking for a playable bias
  5. More on the Opposite vs Repeat Count The opposite repeat count can be used in a few ways, but one must be aware that it can be deceptive as a whole game statistic. It has the most value in the short term recent hands.
  6. Banker vs Player Disparity Let's define and talk about each of these. Banker versus Player disparity is the very simple statistic. It just defines what side of the game is winning the most hands. In the Strategic Baccarat Interface, we have it calculate it automatically. Additionally on most Casino tote board for Baccarat will also. In this example, we see the player after eight hands of play has won more than the Banker side by four hands. This statistic at times can be effective as a stand-alone statistic ( usually not enough to be long-term profitable ) when used in co
  7. Chapter II Statistics Know that all the gambling approaches or systems are trying to decide one thing, it may seem unnecessary to state it but I am going to, what side is going to win. In Baccarat we decide whether the upcoming side that wins will stay the same (repeat) as the previous hand or change (opposite), put ties aside for now. The best approaches and systems to do this use statistics. The reason for this is we try to determine the frequency with which an opposite or repeat bias will occur if, in fact, we can identify any. This allows us to follow the shoe with the slightest bit
  8. Betting Basics In your evolution as a gambler and in this case a Baccarat player it is important to understand the betting types. In this next video I talk about betting. With a few variations these are the ways that most players approach betting. · Flat Betting – Always betting the same amount · Progression Betting Positive - Up as you Win · Progression Negative Betting - Up as you Lose · Advantage Betting · Random Betting That should give you a high-level overview of how we look at the game. There
  9. Opposite Time Before Last - OTB4L or OTBL After you understand TBL you should learn what is call Opposite Time Before Last or OTB4L for short. We will get into later what it loses and when it wins the most same with TBL but for now, it is important to understand how to play it. It gives you a starting point for an understanding of developing your own approaches to each game and this is the goal. In your evolution as a gambler and in this case a Baccarat player it is important to understand the betting types. In this next video, I talk about betting. With a few variations, these ar
  10. . Time Before Last Traditional Approach - TBL The First basic approach and system was called Time Before Last. Let's first examine how to use it to decide what to bet. In this next video. Systems never work all the time, but they can be useful under certain conditions. It is important to understand the concepts behind them and to grasp what system sellers do when they sell systems. They are usually just making a small variation on a known system or old approach. Baccarat at the basic level can only be ann Opposite or Repeat. Some players subscribe to the possibility of casi
  11. The O/R Count ( Opposite vs Repeat ) How to understand the O/R count in the next Video. The O/R count is a running count that keeps track of the ratio between opposites and repeats in a game.
  12. SAP ( Event Counts ) In the Next Video, one of the core concepts we use in a Follow the Shoe Strategy approach is the SAP count or Event Count. There are two primary ways this count is implemented and as explained in this video with a balanced count and an unbalanced count. The SAP count is used to determine what is occurring the most in a game and what is occurring the least. Additionally, it can show a bias if any event is occurring more than another.
  13. Events Now that you understand opposite and repeats we must further analyze events into subcategories. For now, I am ignoring ties, but we will talk about them at some point. We also look at the lengths of events and categorize them in two ways confirmed events and potential. The following video explains what a confirmed event is and a potential event. In this video, I will teach you how to count events. We count events in Baccarat as Straight runs, and Zig Zag runs. The most important concept to understand is that on Zig Zag runs you must count the last hand of a straight ru
  14. Basics If you bought this, I assume you know how to play Baccarat if you don’t if you watch the game and with a few notes you can learn it in 30 minutes. Pick a side is all you need to know to bet on a hand. Of course, you should try to understand when it is best to bet what side first. As I mentioned earlier, we are going to consider the game to be 50/50 chance. The casino ensures it makes money by getting a commission on bets on Banker bets, allowing tie bets that pay off less than the long-term odds and other side bets. For our purposes, we are going to look at only Banker and
  15. Card games peaked my interest when I was a very young man as I grew up in an environment of gambling. My father loved to play Poker and bet on the horses. I was lucky to have a racetrack built 20 minutes from where I grew up in Hershey Pennsylvania and started working there when I was 15. My father taught me one of the best concepts I carried with me when I was younger when it came to gambling; he said, “You can beat a race, but you can’t beat the races.” This simple concept had led my path as a gambler and was instrumental in the development of the strategy at BeatTheCasino.com forum

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