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  1. I’m back from a Las Vegas trip with substantial winning units at the Baccarat games. About half of the winnings I gave back playing other gambling games. I drew a conclusion that Baccarat should be my only game at the Casinos. I basically took the NOR approach to its next level by extending its approach using signaling flow marked on a score card as each hand is dealt out/played. It basically will “alert†the player to stay or play the next upcoming hand. You must practice and be able to record both the NOR and the signaling method. It requires hours of practice. You can't marked mistak
  2. While on my flight trip to Las Vegas, I watched on my computer a YouTube video "Ellis plays NOR Baccarat". You can view the game on the Internet at: A student read Ellis hand by hand a game which took place on June 4, at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Biloxi, MS. The Game started with two players followed by two bankers. The O/R count for the first four hands was at -1. Also based on the four hands you could easily classify the beginning of the game as Two’s. Meaning that system S40 which is designed for choppy shoes will not be qualified for now. Therefore, if you studied the F2, F3 a
  3. Hi E. Clifton Davis, Thank you for your response. This table did not have the new dealer shoe that signals the dealer when to hit, etc.... As far as I understood from some Casino managers that special device/shoe is under a pilot. Some Casinos already leasing that device. The reason being, some players made comments that they don't "trust" that device. The perception out there is that it's a suspicious device that may interfere with the game. We all know that it's a bogus claim. If I had to worry about the element in the game it would be about the Master Shuffler. Because it could be tweak to
  4. Hello everyone. Back in Atlantic City, arrived at the Hilton Casino. At the Hilton Casino, 2nd floor, several baccarat tables were opened. All games were mini baccarat style. The dealer deals player and banker hands. The minimum bet at the table was $25 with 5% commission applies to banker's winning hand. Two tables were full and the third table had 3 players, I sat at the table as the 4th player. The game was in progress, about 20 hands dealt into a choppy shoe. So I missed the “ATTACK†using the S40 system. The floor person was flirting with the dealer at the other table so no much attent
  5. Hi BigVIC, Responding to your question and comments. The problem wasn't with my $100 bet. The floor person problem was that the entire table was following my bets. With all the respect to the individual and I'm not a racist, I was the only white boy on the baccarat table. The orientals which had a nice amount of chips on the table started to push large bets in with an objective to recover their losses. Again by following me and we won. This event probably trigger the floor person to "WATCH ME". The comment I made about the Casino "CHEATING", sorry I misspelled the word shuffling. Once you wa
  6. I'm excited and happy from the result of my last games at Atlantic City. I decided this time to play baccarat at the Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods casinos in Connecticut. The traffic was slow. It took me about 4 hours to get there. Thank you GPS... I arrived at about 2:00 pm at Foxwoods waiting on a sit at the baccarat tables. The majority of the players are elderly people most likely arrived with the daily casino buss. The tables were $20 minimum. While waiting I remembered from watching Video that Ellis told the audience that one of the key elements to success in winning baccarat is to find the
  7. Thank you all for your positive feedback. I'll keep you posting on my performance with NOR.
  8. Hi Ellis and participants/viewer on this board. Once I got the NOR system, it took me about a few days to understand the S40, F2,F3 and SAP approach. Practicing 16 hours a day x 6 days a week at home has been the key for progressing with the NOR system. . I made a decision that for now I'll adopt system-S40 which is a perfect approach for a choppy shoe. Down the road I'll learn to navigate/switch during the game based on the O/R to the F2, F3 and use SAP as well. The key is I trained myself to wait while an F2,F3 activities are taking place. I also wait the proper signal, very conservative. So
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