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  1. Visionary Gaming site.pdfHey Golf Girl There is a company that contracts with different online casinos to use their online live dealer table games it is called Visionary Gaming here is there link http://www.visionaryigaming.com so black diamond, 5 dimes ,and a few others use the same company hope that helps
  2. Thank you Master I have a good teacher hope you and your family are well
  3. Net bet shoe.pdf I started at hand 3 I started with net bet player vs banker highest bet was 4 units I made 25 units playing this way I was thinking when do you net bet Opposites vs repeats ? thank you uncle Ellis. I was going to switch to system 40 but if it is not broke why fix it Have fun guys and girls
  4. 5 Dimes.pdf You could have net bet this shoe also however with the long run at the first part of the show I decided to watch the O/R count and track MDB Here is a shoe with comments Ellis the rest of the family I hope this helps
  5. Bac Table 1.pdf Here is a shoe I just played A few notes about 5 Dimes games It is a 6 deck shoe you get about 60 hands the shuffle is done by a second dealer that shows up and starts a very fast shuffle one deck at a time and that is it if it takes 2 minutes to shuffle that is too long and this is done while the initial dealer is still dealing to you. I can tell you on these shoes MDB + does not usually work on these you will sometimes see a perfect OTB4L with a run of 8 to 10 in a row. I play shoes Nor with a bias towards TB4L with a combination of MDB original it works however keep an e
  6. 5 dimes shoe last night.pdf Here is a Dime shoe let me know of you want more
  7. Steve are you going to have a NOR webinar or teaching soon? Thanks
  8. Have fun guys and remember +5 move to the next table would love to be there this however this chemo is kicking my ass talk soon thanks Keith and Ellis one day we we will meet hopefully on your next trip to Las Vegas take care
  9. Ok here is a shoe from 5 dimes they deal about 60 hands on average so I think it s 6 decks in the shoe this played with a live dealer that you see on video when dealing the cards I don't think they are preshuffled decks I see the card prep sometimes new cards you can tell because when lay them on the table you A,K,Q J,10 9 etc black spades clubs red hearts diamonds etc then sometimes the dealer is dealing then someone will sit down next to the dealer and shuffle very quickly the last shoe played so it is ready for next game and then sometime I see them doing what is called wash the dealer just
  10. Welcome back Mr Davis good to hear from you and long time no see i walked in on the shoe about play 10 I thought after about 2 plays more it was an OTB4l shoe because the O/R count was hovering not really going anywhere I played OK until the the Streak of 6 came up the shoe switched to the zz pattern I just watched after that I was OTB4L I was in Mode 2 I guess I should have switched to mode 3 but the shoe made me feel very uncomfortable so I walked losing 5 units
  11. How did you play the singles and the runs I played when I lost 2 bets in a row I jumped on them but lost so I just watched for a while Then left any more explanation would be appreciated Thanks Again
  12. Here is a shoe I played last night at the commerce casino here in Los Angeles I could not get a handle on it I started on play 12 I played OTB4L Then A six in a row on player I thought about switch to streak mode but I just watched and walked away from this shoe how would the experts play this shoe B213121261311311321 Thanks Don
  13. Hey hope everything is well I dont really watch the news because it always sad and they are not neutral Cnn Democrat Msnbc Democrat bloomburg Democrat foxnews Republican it would be nice to watch a news channel that was neutral anyway I just looked at he country how it was in the past when carter left office we had 18% interest rates Reagan came in rates dropped economy improved and nobody ****ed with us military wise we felt safe bush came in did not do too good Clinton came in did a pretty good job bush came in not to good Obama is just not a good leader I feel he does not have our best in
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