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  1. Sorry don't really know what you mean I lived in Vegas for four years and played every day, it did not mess me up?????
  2. I think you missed my point. I didn't ask about Obamacare Like Obama's speeches I've never heard so many words that said so little.
  3. Hi kachatz1 Sorry to interrupt you in the middle of all your post, but just one quick question, Are you the guy that writes the speeches for Obama?
  4. What's worse, is it don't make any sense to me? But it just might be me.
  5. Go here to practice. http://www.blackorchidcasino.com/getting-started/demo-live-games
  6. Ellis, what do you mean four units straight down isn't that going on the run, do you mean four units opposite side ?? Are you saying straight down from the four in a row ?
  7. Hi Ellis I don't ever remember hearing the term (normal random frequencies) Could you please explain to me what normal random frequencies is. Thanks Norm
  8. Hi Jdean Do you think it would be possible for you to put these shoes on a scorecard and post the scorecards to show us how you played them. This would be very helpful for some members to see how they were played and learn by then. It does not matter if they were a winning or a losing shoe. Thanks
  9. This is a link to the company who invented EZ Bac with their description of the odds. http://www.deq.com/en/table-games/ez-baccarat-math.php This is a link to wizardofodds with the house for EZ Bac (even though he is using a six deck shoe it would not make that much difference in a shoe eight deck shoe)= House edge = 1.02 http://wizardofodds.com/games/baccarat/appendix/6/#ezbaccarat This is a link to wizardofodds with the house for the regular game with commission.= House edge = 1.06 http://wizardofodds.com/games/baccarat/ But rather then getting into a pissing contest about the house edge,
  10. I am not quite sure why you say that you would actually be paying even more commission. As long as you do not make the sucker bets, NO commission is NO commission !!. The FEW times that the Dragon comes out in a shoe it will ONLY affect you if you HAPPEN to be betting on banker at that time, and even at that it is a PUSH not a loss. If this game gave the casino an edge the MGM and Wynns would not have removed it after they tried it for a few months. They removed it because they were losing money with it. BTW the house edge for EZ Bac is slightly less then regular Baccarat. 1.02 for EZ Bac as
  11. Most of the strip casinos that had EZ do not have it anymore the only two that I know on the strip that might still have it is the Monte Carlo or the Paris but that was over a year ago. There are other casinos besides Gold Coast that has EZ Baccarat, the Redrock Casino and all the stations casinos have it. Here is the email address of the owner of EZ baccarat, his name is Lue, I had his phone number but I cannot find it any longer as it has been some time ago, also not sure if this email address is still valid. lwdatdp@aol.com
  12. That is really not the point, if we were able to go back and see the shoe scans and play buys it would not mean a thing as they were from old systems. The point is that it was an excellent way of learning and should be implemented for the future by every member of this forum. BTW, what I am proposing is not for my benefit I am set in my way of playing, what I am proposing will help many of the new members who are having frustrating times with learning.
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