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  1. This is awesome. Do you apply stop loss per shoe and how many units?
  2. Is charting really necessary in Baccarat? I know that many people rely only from the tote board, Is the tote board enough to know where the shoe is going. I'm always charting in my play to guide me in my decision to bet or not to bet. Comments are welcome.
  3. Nice job Pando. Did you use S40M1 in shoe no. 2 above as there were many 2s'.
  4. Hi Brad01 & Fedda, I have now joined the private forum and will have lots to learn about this 221 strategy. See you there. Thanks, jsintl
  5. Hi Fedda, Are you also using Brad01 betting selection which is OTBLM2? You look happy using 221 strategy. How long have you been using this strategy and do you use it on B&M or online. Thanks,
  6. HI Brad01 & Fredda, Thanks again for the input. Not quite familiar with OTBLM2 snd 50% rule (is this your stop loss). Best regards, jsintl
  7. Hi Brad01, If it is more mechanical, then TBL is the most appropriate bet selection to employ. If you can avoid the TT, then you will do okey. By the way, do you know where 221 came from? Thanks again.
  8. Thanks Brad01. So, this is also being used in Roulette. I know that cancellation will result in high bets and it will be helpful if you can avoid those things to happen by your twist. Thanks again.
  9. Hi Brad01, What is your opinion about the 221 baccarat approach. How many units do you recommend as session bankroll and life time bankroll. I understand that this is a cancellation method with a twist. Thanks,\ jsintl
  10. BP has a new look but video is still slow. How's your playing on the new look?
  11. They will accept Canadian players but I don't think you can play in Canadian funds.
  12. Is it really important for you to play in Canadian funds? Is it due to exchange rate difference? Maybe others can provide you with live casino using Canadian funds.
  13. Thanks. I'm just starting out to play at BP and hoping it will be a profitable venture.
  14. At BP, are you allowed to skip bets and how many hands are allowed?
  15. Thanks MVS for the info. What about if your account is inactive for months? Do they charge you with dormant fee every month. They offered me bonus with 12xrollover which I will not get + $100 casino chip. Do you know anything about this $100 casino chip if I have to do wagering requirements as well. Again, thanks for the input. Brgds, jsintl
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