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  1. Christ; what is your last name and address...Mark (Elils' Son)

  2. I'll be there, and probably will do a little bit of First Base BlackJack instruction. May throw in a little bit of Horse Race Handicapping instruction as well for those who are interested.
  3. we should make you a moderator; Ellis speaks of you highly
  4. Great posts, boyz...Funny enough, I have aboot 30 relatives in Europe. Really great stuff! :)
  5. Yeah, STOP STEALING!!! I have liars/lawyers for this stuff!!!!!!! We do do (OK make the joke) a LOTTTTT of hard work, here!!!!!!! Keith has a good cite...in the law...IT ISSSSSS all Prop Info!!!!!!! "Let me tell you in 1996 I sued a clown who thought the same thing in Federal Court. When he realized how stupid it was he settled the case for all my expenses and damages from reselling the information and I got all the proceeds and then some. I will not hesitate to to do the same thing again and I have the money and resources to do it. So read my LIPS:" Heres the thing: I'm in a good mood now, but I already have ur IP number. Ya nevver, ever wanna see me in a BAD mood!!!!!!! We KNOW who u are! My wife and I got pretty good at computers. I'm a pretty good shot as well. I can hit a dime at 150yrds. So can Ellis and Keith. Can hit computers, too, from 6000 miles Steal our effing shite again, you are DONE! I will own you and EVERYTHING YOU own!!!!!!! Mark
  6. Pfft...It's just another ploy. Bet 44 or anything earlier gives them a huge adavantage. I think Ellis just wrote about it below. I mean, you are dealing with Belgium for Gosh Sakes! March into that site with hands in your air I'd go with DublinBet.com http://www.dublinbet.com/
  7. 1.) I do NOT want to "throw in" anything on this, in fact, I don't even wanna sell it! 2.) OK (as Dad whacks me one LOL) 3.) I BID $189.95. (taxes and such ya know) ... and ... 4.) He actually smacked me again! j/k 5.) I guarantee you this is not E-Bay Having said all that, I'm gonna toss in my REWRITE of "First Base Blackjack" with the 200 bidders. Oh. That's it for sales. BUT...but...but...we will close the bidding under $250 or somewhere in there. I've seen the draft and it's really great! We are only selling it to 200 people. Sorry.
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