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  1. Ellis, we are all hoping for the best. res
  2. If I remember correctly I bought it on Ebay. I'll stand by what I said earlier. This kind of system is not new, or original. It is the old idea of following, or oppossing, a certain predetermined sequence. It didn't work for others it won't work long term for you.
  3. I looked through my files and found that I have this system. The method is not new and has been tried, with variations, in several systems. The problem with systems like this is bunched loses. They will happen! BTW, please don't ask me for a copy. res
  4. Hi Ellis. I have a couple of questions about the “Progression Within a Progression” From the manual “You may choose to never make 4 bets. Our win goals can accommodate that choice. The way you do that is the first time an OTR bet comes up you bet only 1 unit. But if that bet loses, the next time an OTR bet comes up, you bet 2 units and if that loses next time 3 units. That is actually the way S40 was played when it won 40 straight shoes in a row played at 5 different casinos. We call that a progression within a progression.” First, does the OTR progression top out at 3, or continue to 4, 5 etc
  5. Hi Dancito, I don’t play online, but I have a friend who does, or did. So I asked him about it. He was playing on Bet Phoenix, but has quit playing for real money. He tells me that once he had questions about a hand where he thought that the order of the deal was reversed. He wrote Customer Service with a question, but did not get a satisfactory response. They did reply asking for the same information he had already sent them. He resent it and never heard back. He also tells me that BP has put some kind of pop up on their site that causes the table to disappear at inconvenient times and makes
  6. Hi Ellis, Can you give us an estimate for what % of shoes we should be winning? That is assumming that we are playing properly. Thanks, res
  7. Dave, After following this thread since the start I feel I need to ask. How much have you practiced the NOR Approach? Have you played enough shoes to really develop a feel for the method? I'm not talking about 10 or 20 shoes here, it will take more than that. res
  8. Ellis If you are playing suspend after 3 and if that side wins do you go to the next highest bet or go back to 1 unit bet. Example you lose the 1U, lose the 2U lose 3unit and you win the next hand do you now go to a 4U bet or back to 1u bet
  9. Las Vegas sounds good to ole ron in Las Vegas.. Any date is fine with me except I will be out of town first part of September
  10. Ellis, This is one of the areas where I am having problems. If I am playing S40, and doing reasonably ok. When I hit a streak of 4, or more, can you give some groundrules to swithing to F. Right now I am not swithing on the first 4+. Also if I don't have any history of 4+'s I don't make the OTR bet. Thanks, res
  11. Casno & Sir Donald, I agree it's a nice concept. But there are three different systems, all with different prog lengths and 2 modes for each. My point(s): If you are ignoring the OTR bets you are just as well off with the OR count and the event count. If you are not ignoring the OTR bets it will be almost impossible to keep track and keep up in a live game. I do agree that an overlay is similar, but that can be done quite easily by looking back on your scorecard. I think that that is an ability one must work on developing. I also agree that it might be a good idea for learning the method.
  12. I think that the problem becomes how to handle the OTRs. If you don’t keep track of when you are supposed to bet OTR then you are right back to the OR Count. There are some differences, but not enough to make the extra work worthwhile. If you do keep track of the OTR bets then you have the problem of when to go OTR. Each system is different and you have the modes to consider too. I don’t think that you would have time to do it between hands. You would still need to keep the event count. res
  13. Hi Ellis, This shoe started out great in F. It did fine until hand 21. Could the shoe have been saved? Or, would you have gotten out? P283115 B121232111411 B12113222321 B11 Thanks, res After looking over this shoe several times I got to wondering if a moving total for the O/R count might not work better.
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