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  1. But MVS.......if you get it in the form of a gift card, I would be more than happy to receive your gift. LOL...............Jersey
  2. It's my understanding that some states, including my state of NJ, are considering making online betting legal. In NJ, the website would benefit and be run by casinos here in Atlantic City.........Jersey
  3. Bk......thanks for your input on how you are attempting to win over these trendless shoes you've experienced in your homeland. I've enjoyed over that last several months reading some of your newest ideas as well as some of the other you posted here prior to my arrival. I remember reading your System One and your Hit and Run methods. I believe you ran each system for 50 shoes each with losing a shoe. I guess at this point, I'm sad to say, that these well tested methods you worked with are no longer holding up based on what you've been saying. Unfortunately, this appears to be what happens
  4. BK........when flat betting, what is your stop loss in a given shoe? And do you have a stop win in a shoe?................Jersey
  5. Ellis.........Just curious as to why you selected going otr after 2 losses when I see the 3's are MC for the most part or is the sap count not relevant with otb4l. If we were betting sys40 we'd be looking to bet opposites after 3. With hindsight we know you're safe just betting one otr bet after the 2 losses but in general, when we don't know the results, what are the rules on going otr with otb4l. One other thing with this shoe. In starting it off, it would appear to be an F2 shoe. You have single 1's, we have 3's and a number of multiple. I can't see starting this shoe off in anything
  6. Audio.......they are the same shoe. Only difference is in the right hand winning method, I was keying off otb4l and tbl. Check the column. It's the same shoe only looking at it differently but using F2/3 to bet the patterns. You could do the same thing with opposites and repeats if you wanted to add them the mix. The key is decide on when to switch to another column......Jersey
  7. I know right now why we weren't in agreement on some of these hands. Ellis told me that you based you F2/F3 changes based on the 2's and 3's on the weak or other side. So when as you say at hand 16 I should have bet B, since we just had a 3 iar, I didn't change because the 3 iar was on the side I was betting so I keep going with it and don't change modes. The next mode change occurs once on the weak side, after hands 17 and 18 and you get a confirmed 2 on the weak ( side, after that it changes to F3. I think this idea is better since as you pointed back at hands 13-16 you had a streak goin
  8. Thanks for your input audio. Did you by chance play this shoe based on player/banker colums and did it turn into a loser as it did for me when playing by your rules........Jersey
  9. Possibly Audionut and Ellis can play this shoe and see what they come up with. I know I must have made some mistakes and since you two have had good experience with this method and first shoe I do winds up a loser if you only consider the first two sets of columns which is the method as described but Ellis in his last post. I hope I got that wrong because Ellis told me he played BP yesterday for a few shoes and quite possibly this shoe. He had all winner with little drawdown. I hope I've stimulated some good thought and suggestions. Obviously there are better ways of playing this method o
  10. Well I don't mean to complicate things, but possibly complicating things a bit, can improve upon our results. It's not something so complicated that you couldn't do this record keeping between hands and be able to get the next bet off. But what I'm about to show you, is going to stimulate some additional thought when looking at the F2/F3 methodology. If you're following the thresd, then you know we're betting F2 or F3, mostly on the strong side of your columns and you'll find that most of your bets will wind up on either B or P depending on what's stronger in the shoe. So I applied the rul
  11. It's really strange but the same thing crossed my mind about a week ago, but I never sat down to put it on paper to see if it could actually work. Seemed to simple so I never really got into it nor did I think it out as far as you have as to how you should play these two combos. Thanks for the effort...........Jersey
  12. Ellis.........I would think you are better off using the patterns rather than O/R count when you should shift over to otb4l. My reasoning is that if you see a couple of 2's running together it gives you and immediate sign for possibly changing. The O/R count might take a while before it kicks in due to a lag showing up in the count. With the p ttern showing you have immediate reason to change. Now this might be right or wrong but that's why they call this gambling...............Jersey PS...are we limiting the O/R count to a + or - 3 or do we just let it run. If we're letting it run, it m
  13. A two bet progression opens the door to winning the 1st bet and losing the second bet.
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