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  1. I found it . OT count (OTB4L vs TB4L) Had to go allthe way back to 2015 Looks fairly useless unless you know its significance and how to use it Thanks anyway
  2. Can somebody please define the OT count for me. It isn't in the NOR manual, Thanks in advance.
  3. , Hi Lou, Thank you for all your effort on this reply.It is far more than I expected.(but highly appreciated) Wendel
  4. Hi Lou, I am very interested in how you are playing "multi's v singles for playing P & B as separates'. Could you please give a brief explanation on how you are playing it. i have been playing with using the previous event(s) on each side to try and predict what will happen after an opposite. i.e. will the current event remain a single or become a multiple ? Thanks.
  5. sorry, I didn't realize this was an "lnvitation only" event.
  6. Could you please let us know what content you are planning for these "master classes?
  7. I have had to correct the dealer a few times in my favor when I was the only bettor on the winning side, but one time , I was sitting out a hand when the dealer made a mistake in favour of the players, I corrected her and all the players lost their bets. That was one time when I should have.kept my mouth shut. Luckily , the losing players understood the situation and did not mind losing fairly (too much) .. Personally, I would prefer to lose a hand fairly over winning on a dealer error, but I just hate losing on a dealer error.(just barely).
  8. Hi McVince, You said it far better than I. I was really trying to get stop wins into the discussion, and the nor example was the first thing that came to mind. Your treatment of the topic was great and probably well suited to Bigchips. Thank you.
  9. Hi Bigchips, I saw no mention of stop wins in this post. I hope you are using realistic stop wins and getting out while you are ahead most of the time. As far as I know, it is very difficult to play complete shoes with any system. For example, in NOR, Ellis recommends a stop loss of -8 and a stop win of +10 (proceed beyond 10 carefully.and quit if you go below 10). I think that he recognizes that there are "sweet spots" in most shoes for most systems and when they end. It is best to just leave and keep your profits.
  10. Hi Pando, How do you decide in real time where to put the /:s ? Do you just use count 14 hands and then play for a change in character at the end of the current event ? Thanks Wendel
  11. When you are playing "live dealer" online Baccarat, can you tell for sure whether the game you are seeing is a being dealt by a LIVE dealer or a recording of a live dealer dealing the game ? I have only looked at live dealer on line casino's very briefly, but when I did I could see no indication as to the date or time of day, Actually, I only played the demo's , so they may well have been taped i have wondered for a while if I had missed something but I am not interested enough to go through the hoops of opening an online account, because the game moves too fast for me and I was not having a very good experience.. Some body please set my mind at ease. Thanks
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