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  1. Kevin, Welcome back... I think there is more to your "HOW TO WIN" comment than meets the eye...(and I'm pretty sure that's why you mentioned it).. many of us can understand the various individual methods explained in the forum, but it takes more than one idea to be able to win consistently ( I think )....the only analogy I can think of at the moment is a baseball pitcher...many pitchers know how to throw the individual pitches, but the great ones know when, where, and how fast (or slow) to throw to specific batters in specific game situations......(pitches=methods, batters/situations =shoes).... And each of the great players on this forum have more than likely had their "Ah-ha" moment or have "seen the light go on" that helped them put it all together.....those that haven't ( me for example) are still searching...it's not that we're not trying...we just haven't experienced that "click" that turns it on for us and it sounds like that's what you might be helping us to do...sorry for the rambling..I may be way off base...just trying to "participate".. Btw..."those guys" would be Joe LeFors and Lord Baltimore..
  2. A couple of MDB+ rules that seem to work well (for me) would be two 3ZZ's to a 4ZZ and four 2+'s with no 1iar, next 1 stays 1....looking at previous events for an excess of 1's would help to make those decisions...
  3. Kevin, I thanked you earlier today off line and thanking you again now online.... whatever grouping you decide is best for presenting what you have in mind, will be effective, I'm sure....you are very organized and patient in the way you present your ideas... just keep in mind that we all learn a little differently..but I think everyone replying is motivated enough to work hard and learn whatever your new idea may be....I know I am.... Rick
  4. Mike, I noticed it this morning....thanks....I'll be signing up later today.. Rick
  5. This is the message you get when you hit the Place Order and Pay button.. "There was an error processing the payment. Please try a different payment method or contact us for assistance" No option to pay ever appears...just this message..
  6. It's $24.99, but still can't pay it...no option to pay and still get error in processing message...
  7. The discount issue seems to be cleared up, but when I got to the checkout page and hit the button to pay, next screen said there was an error in processing the payment. No option was shown on how or where to enter the payment...it just went to an error message saying the payment could not be processed... Is this a problem with others or am I doing something wrong ?
  8. Ellis, Sent you and Keith a pm earlier this morning after viewing the video. Needless to say I thought it was a great idea and more importantly wanted to wish you well with your health situation. Good luck with the upcoming operation. Just wanted to say the same publicly. RickK
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