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  1. I will be at the next event in Vegas. There will be several professional players there. It's a great event to participate in. Hope to see a number of old and new faces. If you don't have the information yet, join as a professional player and send a direct message on here to Keith.
  2. I'm planning a European vacation in the next month or two. I am leaning towards going to Amsterdam and Frankfurt, Germany but I might venture elsewhere, especially if there are good table conditions. Any information about the baccarat scene would be appreciated.
  3. Most people view it the way you do, however I record them and do take them into consideration when I am playing TBL. Stats for Profits will accept shoes with them or without them and can filter them out if you don't want to see them.
  4. About 256,000 shoes are compiled from various sources on the internet and other people's databases. After that, they are all entered by real live players from this forum. New shoes are constantly being added.
  5. Hi, Mike not sure where to post the technical issue I'm have with SFP. How do you view the original bets that were played by a member? I did watch the intro video on SFP, however I can only view the automated bets from the drop down box once selected.

    Thanks for your help, love the system great teaching tool!

    1. Action Mike

      Action Mike

      There is an issue with the current version of the software that isn't allowing it to show those bets.  Until the end of last year not a single person was putting in the bet amounts except me, so I didn't focus on fixing the issue as I have a workaround to using the old system.  It is actually at the top of the bug fix list, but I had to back burner some of the SFP work due to some personal issues.

  6. You can also post your shoes in Stats for Profits. Someday there will be a comments section on that system and possibly a link back to the forum to discuss individual shoes, but in the mean time you can see a lot of information not readilly available to the human eye
  7. The site is up, but you need to use the link from the top of the BTC page to get there. The site is configured to not respond if you just type statsforprofits.com in the browser.
  8. Given a large enough bankroll and some patience, it is absolutely possible. Keep in mind, the cards don't know what the chips bet are. With $100 units, that is only 10 units per day. If you are playing $500 units, that is only +2 units a day. Not sure if anyone has posted here about it, but there is a progression called Oscar's grind that may work with that. I'm very close to releasing an update on Stats for Profits and I've been doing a lot of experimentation around concepts such as this.
  9. Great summary of the trip, Keith. I just finished entering all of the shoes into StatsForProfits. Keith and I played more than 25 shoes together at the Palms, plus a handful at other casinos. I had a two day head start on Keith so on the day he arrived, I played up 1 down 2 with a 3 unit minimum. I won 65 units in the first 3 shoes we played together. The rest of the trip had similar results and we netted more than 100 units over 3 days at the Palms, even after a 50 unit loss on an idea we decided to test at the wrong time. By the way, the image Keith posted is an newer scorecard view in development for the Stats For Profits interface. I am expecting a few more updates to the system in the next week and we will put all the new features online for everyone to use at once.
  10. Not a formal seminar at the dealer school, but a bunch of us are getting together to play.
  11. I just arrived in Vegas and a few of our Premium Players are coming over the next few days. Looking forward to seeing everybody. Anyone in the area feel free to reach out via email or message and we can exchange numbers.
  12. In addition to Pando's reasons, I'll add the following reasons for charting: To remind myself I'm playing for profit, not playing for fun. To later add the information into the StatsForProfits system.
  13. Hi Guys, Sorry I haven't been around much, I had to tend to my other businesses for a while. I just contracted with the programmer for some upgrades to the Stats for Profits system in order to upgrade the 2-2-1 options and setup comparisons between different systems. Within the next one to two weeks we will be able to run simulations on 2-2-1 with Player vs banker, opposites vs repeats and tb4l vs otb4l. There are several threads in the Premium forums regarding 221 and of course that includes full access to the Stats for Profits system!
  14. Good Stuff Avion. I agree. I feel for everyone, as I too have made the mistake of playing tired, losing bankrolls due to foolish bets, etc. One of the key functions of StatsForProfits is to also track bet units. I did this as part of my initial design to reinforce the psychology factor of large bets and dealing with losses, etc.
  15. Mike, the Stats for Profit, is a awesome tool in so many ways.  I am sure you realize that, and the very least I can say is thank you, for your vision, hard work, and dedication to it.  It is making all of us better in what we do here.

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