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  1. Keith, I purchased the Premium Monthly subscription during the launch special. How do I renew my monthly subscription? I do not see a way to get the launch rate to renew in the Store options. Thanks. ddbcinti
  2. Thanks, Ellis, this information was helpful. I wasn't sure of what I was seeing with net betting.
  3. Ellis, Does net betting use the principles of SAP or RSAP? Thanks. Just trying to understand the principles.
  4. Has anyone played recently at the casino in Tampa? I hope to get there sometime in April or May/ Does MDB work in the Tampa shoes?
  5. Will someone please post 2 or 3 shoes played with this method. This would be so helpful. I want to see if I am understanding the rules correctly before I start testing some of my shoes. Thanks!
  6. Where are the better places to play Bac in Biloxi?
  7. Kevin, I would also like a copy of your shoe. I am ddbcinti and I joined the forum in Oct 2007. My email is dbaker7@woh.rr.com. Thanks.
  8. Has anyone played in Tunica lately? If so, how were the games? Has anyone played at the Gold Strike lately?
  9. Casno, What is the money progression that you are using with net betting? I like your simple method. db
  10. Just made my reservations. They seem to be all ready for us now. Thanks for the help with that, Keith!
  11. Hello,

    Your post was very interesting. What is core Nor? Will you please explain it to me. You may email me at dbaker7@woh.rr.com or through the pm here on the site. Any info that you can share would be greatly appreciated.


  12. Ellis, When did we start betting straight repeats in the NOR system? Would you do this only when you don't see many 1s? What are the rules? Somehow I missed this idea. ddbcinti
  13. Hello, Any NOR players playing at Hollywood Indiana? Would love to hear from you if you would like to meet and play some shoes together and compare notes. ddbcinti
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