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  1. You are spot on Dannyboy…...GREAT POST. Getting together, conversation, getting and giving help, having dinner, lunch, breakfast together, feeling like you are a part of being welcomed with warm hearted good people that share in your interests and they share in yours. It doesn't get any better than that, and Kevin sets a great example for us all. Kudos to Greg and Rick also. Love hearing these stories of what it can really be about and enjoyed by all.
  2. Nick Saban…..should need no introduction. This certainly applies to these posts and more. The following excerpt is from an interview with Nick Saban, Head Coach of Alabama and considered by many the greatest college football coach of all time. "The process, loving the process, loving the daily grind of it, and putting the puzzle together. This generation seems to be really concerned with the end result of things versus understanding, appreciating the journey to get there - which is the most important - and the trials and tribulations that come with it. You have successes, you have
  3. I looked him up on the internet and only thing I could find is that he had a full time job mopping the floors at a porn store.
  4. When a person applies for a job, education, trade school etc.....there are REQUIREMENTS of the applicant.
  5. Gerard, do a search again, in the upper right hand corner search bar of the forums, and type in Recent Most Common. This is a part of the work you must do for yourself.
  6. Quite a few years back, I was a member here. My daily work load had increased to the point that I didn't have time to be here. I think I sent a email request to cancel my membership and left it at that. 3 months later I noticed I was still being charged. I got in contact with Keith and let him know. He emphasized to me that it was my responsibility to cancel the monthly auto-renew. I agree Keith was 100% correct. I also pointed out that I had not logged into the site during that entire time. Keith was totally fair with me in this regard and took care of the 3 months that I was charged.
  7. Gerard.....use the search on the top right and enter into the search bar, P B or wait? You will find many examples of what you are asking about, with awesome well thought answers.
  8. Half naked pics....worth 2 pennies. Fully naked pics....1 penny. Mechanical System.....will cost you more in losses than all the half naked and fully naked pics on the internet combined. So public readers, you might want to consider...…….Misinformation is available from a variety of other sources. Misinformation is just like real information with one exception...IT IS WRONG !!!
  9. It would be very much appreciated way2fast if you would share a discussion of your concepts, insights, etc regarding your MDB rules on the members forum. Possibly even another Master Class if you might want to. Wishing everyone at the baccarat crawl, success and enjoyment. Also for Wolfat for his trip to Singapore, success and enjoyment. Safe travel for everyone.
  10. As always, a EXCELLENT sharing by Vince and Kach. Thank you both.
  11. What can you compare a negative progression to? In some lakes, rivers, warm bodies of water, there is a parasite that enters into a human through their nose. The parasite then literally begins to eat the human brain. This is a reality and not some made up science fiction horror movie. Yes, a negative progression because of its parasitic nature will eat your brain to deceive you into believing that it actually works...when it is actually eating more and more of your brain to ruin. It is also like a Trojan Horse, being put inside your mind to ultimately defeat you is a guaranteed cert
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