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  1. That’s just from one bottle of pappy von winkle lol these days I am enjoying 4 roses or angels envy
  2. Tried to dm you Mookie but couldn’t .....I too prefer games of chance when played at the right time
  3. I’m in Midwest but play all over, travel a bit ....what’s up Kevin
  4. Be content with smaller unit wins that have bigger chip values
  5. I stand corrected .....the final word is out and it's "invincible" . That's right with anor mvd and anb you too can be invisible to the actual way to win a shoe. But hey for another 750 you can reserve your spot early to become super invincible with anti anor anti mvd and anti anb but wait there's more...for 500 you can learn how to read a tote board by someone who spends his life inside a casino and plays daily...... but wait there's even more....for 250 you can learn the big road, another 250 you'll learn the small road another 250 the cockroach road, and then the sideways road, the bumpy road, the hilly road, the pothole road , the unpaved road......I can do this all day the scenic road, the road less traveled, the road under the road, the divided road, omg I see systems for the next 10 years.......one has to think that perhaps a mentor spending too much time in circus circus can truly be a bad thing
  6. That's what I love about BTC is members helping members
  7. Wait wait oz the best part was when he said he played 28 shoes in a casino......
  8. Kevin can you also include "why play for money when you can play for comps" along with "how to make the eye in the sky your friend" or "flirting with your dealer-it's not her it's you" or my favorite "the cocktail waitress really wants you-how to make sure you don't go home alone"
  9. kevin are you overpromising and under delivering again?????
  10. thanks Kevin ...I just spit my coffee over my phone from laughing so hard
  11. Very good topic and great question Kevin. I would say my PBA happens the most when I'm trying to attain a win goal and lose thus making me now 2 units away from leaving and running to the cage. It is in that moment I second guess myself a lot. Then I'm frozen on the next play. Which usually results in another loss. Now I may have had plenty 2 losses back to back but when it happens close to a win goal and exit time......well that's my PBA
  12. I think oz and way are best to ask this but I feel that gone are the days of 10-15 unit shoes....at least for me. I look around the table and so often I see people up, yet unwilling to leave with their profits-perhaps that's the greed part....I know I have fallen victim to it many times but now just try to exit a shoe up 3-5 units because I know overtime I can level up and level up.....for me it's hard to leave a one table casino with only 3-5 units considering the drive and the time.....I bring with me a copy of a level up plan to remind me why I should be leaving....and after winning 3-5 units it's tough to want to leave......
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