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    I was Born and raised in the South Bronx, N.Y. U.S. Army in 1966-1970, served in Vietnam. Medical Discharged. After my discharge I attended Boston University - BS and MBA Degree. Meet my wife Lorraine in Cambridge, Mass. Ran around with some of the MIT card players, never made the team. In the mid. nineties stopped playing BJ and started playing Baccarat.
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    Casino table Gaming, Biking and Travelling.
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  1. Keith, I can log onto the web site. Having this message when logging into SBI. Can you look into this?

    Please log in to access this page.

        [user] => BronxAl
        [pass] => Casino46
        [logger] => Submit
    There has been a problem with your login. Please try again.
    SELECT * FROM `user` WHERE Uname = 'BronxAl' OR Email = 'BronxAl' AND Pass = 'Casino46'
    User Name or email
    1. Keith Smith

      Keith Smith

      You are using the wrong password check.Your email I.sent it to.You there 

  2. Keith,

    Where are the old shoes from players, for practice?

  3. I agree, I was just commenting about his site. You should never put your head in the sand! However, based on the initials of LC meaning Least Common and NB meaning Net Betting is how I guest and surmised LCNB.
  4. Hi JohnnyCS1, Have you watch the Liberty Mutual TV commercial about the girl who named her car Brad? It sounds like Ellis is repeating the Ultimate Net Betting Rules he created, plus adding the Least Common 4D approach, we learned 2 years ago. Where you start your entries immediately under the first circle on each side betting U1, D2, M2 with a goal of 20+. Allowing only one losing entry under 2 or more and two losing entries under a single 1. Resume betting under the next circle on that side. You're also, looking at the Lowest Spread in the 4D count to switch and app
  5. Your new site looks good and functions great.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Everyone!


  6. Keith, The presentation of the "Sneak Peak Launch of Stats for Profits Interface for Shoes" looks great. Looking forward towards Sat. Dec 5th. FrontAl
  7. Will see you there. I agree with you this is my back yard too, even though I have to drive 4 hours plus.... "This should also make it easier for the east coast players that find it hard to travel all the way to Vegas to attend. South Florida is a beautiful place and mid October the weather starts to get better while most of the country turns colder.." FrontAl
  8. Yes, Frank Barstow book "BEAT THE CASINO" is an excellent book to read (copyright 1979) and published in 1984.
  9. Yes, when I play craps on the don't side. Betting only after two players seven out or one player hits a craps win and sevens out. This is the smartest way to play craps.
  10. Why not try the Patrick System: 1-1-1-2-2-3. Using the same principles, risking only 10 units and the highest bet would be parleying the 3.
  11. Originally Posted by brad01 Re: Up as you win 221 Baccarat for pro players Hi Keith I tried this with based on Midas Touch system which is similar reverse labouchere cancellation system. But what happened is that on a bad run the bets increase. Depends how your wins come in - if its wwLwwL then its fine or even LLLLwww its ok but this method relies on consecutive wins like a parlay to cross off faster than you accumulate If its wLwLwL then all you do is increase uncrossed sums and cross off smaller values At least flat bet you break even and negative progression you win Not saying its not via
  12. Yes, him and Bruce use to practice Chi Sao on top of Tea House tables in Hong Kong, China. Even Bruce Lee himself boosted that his friend William Cheung's punches were timed at 8 seconds per punch.
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