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Status Updates posted by BronxAl

  1. Keith, I can log onto the web site. Having this message when logging into SBI. Can you look into this?

    Please log in to access this page.

        [user] => BronxAl
        [pass] => Casino46
        [logger] => Submit
    There has been a problem with your login. Please try again.
    SELECT * FROM `user` WHERE Uname = 'BronxAl' OR Email = 'BronxAl' AND Pass = 'Casino46'
    User Name or email
    1. Keith Smith

      Keith Smith

      You are using the wrong password check.Your email I.sent it to.You there 

  2. Keith,

    Where are the old shoes from players, for practice?

  3. Your new site looks good and functions great.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Everyone!


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