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  1. Start over at 1. The 1-2-2 progression loses after five attempts before completing the series. If your hit rate is greater than 5 attempts, then you need to re-evaluate your bet decisions. After winning and completing the 3-step series you're up 5 units, minus all of your 1 loses. Note: After playing this weekend at the Tampa Hard Rock I changed from PLAYER and BANKER NOT being independent of each other using the 3-step series. It did not work. Also, I reverted back to OT as explained by Ellis in his OT posts. Sorry, my Idea did not show good results even though the online casinos show good re
  2. Ultimate Net Betting does win a lot of shoes. This weekend I'll be at the Tampa Hard Rock and I am going to use an up as you win 3-step, 2 Hi Progression 1-2-2 on repeats only and 1-2 on chops. This progression only loses after five attempts on repeats before completing the series. After winning and completing the 3-step series you're up 5 units. Then, you start the series over again. If you win the first 1-2 units and lose the third 2-unit bet you gained 1-unit. You then, start over again. Keep in mind you follow the Ultimate Net Betting rules with one major change, (ANYTIME YOU LOSE (1 BET)
  3. Then your next bet will be 3 units. Many instances the first bet wins more often, when you win your 1st bet of 3 units your up 1 unit not down 2 units. You now RECOVERED from a losing series. Betting 3-4-5 brings your wins to escalate much higher when wining 50%+.
  4. That is cheap my damn plumber charges $140 call out fee. What's worse is my electrician @160/hr. $200 for several hours of teaching from Ellis is reasonable. The return on investment is well worth it.
  5. Hi Bigcash, I use to play there when I lived in Boston, almost every weekend, the people are friendly. I started playing BJ then, switch to baccarat. I would stay with NB and MDB+ touch games. Start out slowly until your sweet spot starts jumping out and feel confident on your method of play.
  6. I agree OTB4L would kill this shoe. Net betting is simple but, risky if you get carried away playing this.
  7. Kevin, I agree discipline is crucial both in money management and playing strategy. I found that net betting 3hi works in some casinos but, not always. Where as S40M2 will work using 2hi has more consistency, for my style of playing. Don't jump in the game until you watch, then decide using paper play first on which method works the best. With a $2,000 buy-in you can easily start off betting $100, as you win move up to $200 etc. Note: keep focus forget about casino distractions. Al
  8. Hey Kevin, Sorry, you lost your job and your dog, and the BFF burned the house down...but how can the truck be running if its on empty? Instead of S40M3, net betting 1-2-3 either P/B, OR, OT shows a higher PA with less stress. You can go to 1-2-3-4 but I wouldn't go any further. If there is a lost wait until the OTR is over but here is the catch resume your net bets where you left off using U1D2. What do you think? Al...
  9. I agree Ellis, most of the questions are redundant and if they just read each and every post's giving by you exclusively, their questions will have already been answered. The question really is comprehension. I do understand IQ's vary and maybe some of our members need to take notes.
  10. "Right. I'm just not 100% sure that all were from that one Vegas trip because Norm was also playing the Gulf coast and Florida. By the way, I ran into Norm 3 or 4 days into that Vegas trip. He dropped in on our Seminar. At that point he was $170,000 up for the trip! Norm paved the way for all of us." That is amazing Norm only played 2Hi.
  11. Started using it on Sat. 05/17/2014 between 2:30 pm to 6:00 PM at the Tampa Hard Rock Casino playing conservatively 1-2-3-0-2-3-4, after 2 shoes I realized the progression never went passed 0.
  12. Hi gman, Try BaOTB4LM3. Progression 2-3-4. My average has been well in the 20's, most of the shoes haven't even reached the secondary progression. If so I accept the loss of 9 units and start over. You will be surprise that your wins are high enough to accept some loses.
  13. Hi aysuen, I am sorry I didn't record the shoes, my bad for training purposes. The Asian tote board was well recorded and easy for me to interpret. So I didn't bother to use a score card. The Runs were 3iers, 1 run of 4's, about 6-3's and the rest were 2's and some 4'zz's every now and then. I have to admit that I used NOR+, MODE 3 most of the time. I HAD A BRAIN STORM AND TRIED SOMETHING NEW. MY MIND SOMETIMES WORK THAT WAY HAVING BEEN TRAINED IN LINEAL & STATISTICS: What if we reverse BaS40? Sort of a modified "NOR F". I tried it on the final shoe before leaving Hollywood Hard Rock Casin
  14. Be carefull Pompanomike, I played at the Hard Rock in Hollywood this past weekend and my shoe history showed their shoes had High 2s and 3s. Started playing BaS40M1 using proper secondary prog. on Friday at 9:30 pm. entering mid-shoe, because I saw high straight runs and zz's. I doubled my buy-in of 20 units after first shoe. But, then the next shoe and all the other shoes until 3:00 am showed High 2s and 3s. I switched from playing BaS40M1 to BaOTB4L in the second shoe and averaged 6 to 8 units/shoe. I mentioned to the floor supervisor, that the shoes are quite random and he admitted that's h
  15. PapaJoe, You hit the nail on the head and profiled Norm's inner most ways he played. While I was playing NOR Baccarat, many times Norm would emotionally tell me "I don't play NOR". Then, I would just stop playing and learned observing his plays. Thank you, Al
  16. To all my fellow astute BTC family, As Ellis, has previously mentioned he has a computer problem. At this time his computer problems should be fixed by Tuesday, 04/29/2014. Until then silence. Enjoy your weekend and practice.
  17. Welcome back! It is good hearing from you Keith. I posted that on 04/12/2014. In Coffee Talk Lounge. Titled: The Technique, called Edge Sorting, Post #1 and #2 Re: The Technique, called Edge Sorting: Edge sorting is a method of advantage play that uses natural irregularities in the cut on the backs of cards to be able to identify certain groups of cards. By being able to identify critical cards, APs are able to improve their betting and playing decisions. This method of advantage play is not new; APs have been using it to beat the house for at least two decades. The advantages that edge sortin
  18. OK, with that issue I partially agree. But, keep in mind the cost they already spent renting the space to impart their knowledge. Both Ellis and Kieth were unable to teach and get up to speed with mostly an audience of newbies.
  19. This is sad for all us loyal followers. As I said in post #32 - (Realize that Ellis and Keith can abandon us at will). Well it is starting to happen. Some of our Forum "antagonists" are idiots. There is a gold mine right in our back yard, and we cannot even see it. The potential money we can make far exceeds the cost required to learn and keep learning. As Ellis said "guys that are overly concerned about $150 to learn what I've learned over 30 years don't have the money to play anyway". I'll add to that; if you cannot comprehend the cost of doing business, how in the hell can you comprehend a
  20. Right on! Keep in mind something for nothing is worth nothing.
  21. Everyone please let’s have some respect, discipline and patients! Realize that Ellis and Keith can abandon us at will; they are the only ones left that can help us advance above the 95% of losers. We all lost NormA, when he passed, a good friend who can stand shoulder to shoulder with Ellis and Keith. SO LET’S NOT CREATE AN ENVIRONMENT WE MAY REGRET. Leadership faces a lot of pressure. You cannot please everyone all the time. I agree the 4D Seminar was a failure for the price of entry. The failure lies with the participants having not prepared themselves properly with the knowledge of BASI
  22. I Need help! Video keeps stopping then, replays at the beginning. Cannot correct problem. Maybe the video is defective?
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