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  1. The video should be interesting. I will buy the video for $349.00. Al
  2. Hi Ellis, Thank you, your very detailed and examples increased my understanding. Feels like a spiritual adventure in Baccarat. I should have named myself "Grasshopper" (Sifu, Bruce Lee's) student name. I appreciate your in depth help. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!...Al
  3. Hi Norm, Thanks for your response, I hope your doing well. I finished digesting the NOR Manual method and now studying the Bootcamp Manual. I like NOR, it tracks the spirit of the shoe creating confident decision making. Now and then reading the threads intrigues me with questions. I appreciate your help. Al
  4. Hi Norm, Several questions: What is the ADOT System? Is it an improvement to NOR system? If so, how can I obtain it? Al
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