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  1. That would be the ideal situation, but with MDB we're looking to be out of the shoe as early as possible with+5. With MDB+ it takes almost the whole shoe to get enough events to bet on to be able to reach +5.
  2. Since you will need touch tables most likely, to get new pre shuffled cards each shoe, those will be $100 min tables, so you better be playing $1,000+ units to make that strategy work feasibly so you could bet $100 mins until an MDB+ event then bet your $1,000+ unit. But if you are a $100 unit bettor then this is not going to work for you. I suppose you could bet both sides and just lose the commission on banker wins. I've never done this in the casino, so not sure if they'd allow that play to keep a shoe going or not.
  3. Is anyone playing or played MDB+ live in a casino? I'm really curious how someone is going to sit at a bacc table, through a whole shoe, and only make around 5-10 bets. I don't think you could play heads up because they won't just deal all those free hands. And if the table is full they'll probably ask you to get up to make the seat available for another player. I guess if you find a table with only a few players you might be able to pull it off. How is this going to work in reality? I'd love to hear if anyone is actually playing it. I guess playing online it could work ok. Thoughts?
  4. Has anyone else played the 20 pre-shuffled shoes listed in post #1 of this thread, using MDB+? Would anyone be willing to post their results?
  5. Correct. Abandoning the system was not at all my intention in posting those results. It was just to show that one way wasn't showing results as good as another way. I wasn't giving up on MDB, just reporting some of my testing results. I believe MDB still works, we just need to find the right tweaks to get it working optimally to meet our +5 goals. As far as MDB+ goes, I see it as something that can possibly be incorporated into our MDB play. Just my thoughts.
  6. Anybody else just throw your arms up and say WTF!!!!! after reading this? I just have to laugh. So the last three months of work was for sh*t I guess?
  7. Just as an FYI, I replayed the 21 pre-shuffled shoes in this thread from Mike's original post below. I replayed them following the MDB rules to the T, and starting after 2 events are confirmed to establish a SAP count. I never started before hand #4 or after hand #8 in any of the shoes. The results are not good. 8 winning shoes, 13 losing shoes for a net loss of -7 units. This loss is despite one shoe at +10 and another at +20. Oh, and another thing, in one shoe I lost the whole secondary progression. I'm going to have a hard time accepting changing systems based solely on the highest SAP
  8. That wouldn't be following the MDB rules as posted. That shoe start would have 1's as the highest SAP count so the system to play is S1 per the rules. I think the consensus from the last MDB seminar was that we should strictly follow the rules as posted. At least that's what I've been told. On that note, I think we need a rule on when to start playing in a new shoe, since I think starting at play 2 has been deemed not the best idea.
  9. I'm not up on MDB+ yet. I'm still focusing on playing MDB strictly by the rules. I better leave that to Ellis or Keith to do.
  10. Ok, here are the same four shoes I just posted below, except I played them out following exactly the MDB mechanical rules posted by Ellis in the rules sticky thread. I don’t want to make things more confusing by posting this, I really hope it helps. image2014_07_02_16_14_460001.pdf With the previous way I posted, I was following all the rules correctly in playing the primary and secondary progressions with each system, I just used a slightly different trigger to switch systems. (Highest two SAP counts, instead of just the highest) That should be pretty clear if you want to compare the s
  11. Here is another four shoes I played out from the ones Mike posted. image2014_07_02_11_32_410001.pdf As a note, I choose the system to play based on the highest two SAP counts. This was pointed out in a previous post below. Edit: I don't want to steer anyone in the wrong direction about how to play MDB. Please take these posted shoes as just me posting how I play and not gospel on the exact mechanical MDB rules as currently posted by Ellis. I can certainly post some shoes played that way, but these played shoes are not exactly that. Sorry for any problems caused by this, it's not my intent
  12. You're right about the rules stating that you go with the highest SAP count. I got used to going with the highest two and have just got into the habit of following that. My opinion is that it doesn't make too big of a difference which way you go on this. For all the times one way worked better, you'll have times when the other would. Just my opinion based on my practice. Following MDB rules strictly as posted is the correct way to play until Ellis says different. But again, I don't think my approach is really changing the method in any significant way and it would be easy for me to follo
  13. Attached is how I played the first eleven pre-shuffled shoes Mike posted. image2014_07_01_17_56_180001.pdf My results were: 7 wins for a total of +63 units and 4 losses for -20 units, for a net win of +43 units. For those that attended the seminar, take a look and let me know what you think. For the starting rules I waited for two events or in the case of a 4+ I waited until there was at least 4iar to confirm a 4+, regardless of how the run continued. You should be able to see that in the plays. Also as a note, I played S23 when 2's and 4+'s were highest in the SAP count. There is some con
  14. I'm signed up for the Vegas Baccarat Crawl! This is a great idea. This will be an excellent way to play, learn, and collaborate with other members. Don't miss out!
  15. I don't know if it's good or bad that we haven't heard anything yet about the seminar and how the play went. Hopefully they killed it at the tables and are still recovering from the post play celebrating. Anxiously awaiting to hear how it went.
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