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  1. Hey xdotnet,

    for the 1>2 trigger it's about 3 continuous events without a 1 in between. 

    Like 234,333, 242,323 etc 

    basically saying we can bet 1 unit on 1 becoming a 2 ie 2nd liner

    you can reach me at



  2. Hi Kevin,

    I am trying to access the posts in Premium members forum and it says i dont have access.

    Could you please check?




  3. Hello experts. Have you seen the movie 21. For folks who don't know or not seen it's a classic movie of the blackjack card counting invented by MIT students and later took Vegas for millions. Watch it if you have not done so. There is a mathematic probability game situation in the movie where the students are presented with 3 boxes. The student is allowed to pick 1 box contains which contains gold and you are given only 2 chances to get lucky. One student (the hero) selects the Box no 1. The teacher reveals that box no 2 is empty. He immediately switches
  4. I saw this on the "public bacarrat forum" posted by Brad. Thanks mate. It is never necessary to use either mode - everything is up to you Modes 2 and 3 as per the manual were designed to allow you to sustain either 2 losses (mode 2) or 3 losses (mode 3) and still continue playing the method you were playing When you follow a bias you are going to at some point sustain a loss The question is do you think that the loss was just a deviation and therefore the bias will continue? How many losses in a row do you keep betting that the bias you are try
  5. Hi Trillion.. thanks.. always greatful for experienced folks sharing their perspectives. This was my confusion too... In some posts i see some mention of s40M1 and understanding of modes in the NOR as proceeding to the next level. so what if you do when you follow a method and lose 1 hand.... immediately go OTR? or do you continue until losing the second hand.
  6. Fellows. I am confused with the modes. I am sure this has been discussed way too many times in he past. Please bear with me. When too many 2's use mode 3 when too many 3's use mode 2 are there any any other triggers for this. When to go mode 1. When too many ones ? what are your triggers?
  7. Hi Keith, can you please post the links to me as well? Bacplayer1@gmail.com thanks
  8. Trigger to use RD1 - many repeats likes the ZZ, TT and 212. Exit trigger like any other system - lose 2 hands, wait/paper bet lose 3-4 quit. Or look for the next opportunity.
  9. Also I have combed through the site and not able to find the w2f rules for MDB+ and SS,ZZ variants of the same. Could you please point me in the right direction? Thanks
  10. Brad/Pando/XDotNet/CT70 Thanks for your inputs. This is great forum and everybody is very helpful. Having read through the NOR and now the MDB + and SAP methodologies. Isnt MDB and SAP opposite of the same event. NOR+SAP is optimistic perspective (expect the same event are going to repeat as the previous shoe history). MDB+ is a pessimistic view (the same event can't repeat 5 times continuously) Is it correct that we can't use both these systems in the same shoe and get caught on the wrong side doing so. Let's say you are using s40 because of high 1's and 2's and
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