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  1. Can you describe your 7 step money management system? It sounds interesting. 777
  2. I'm interested in what others use for a Bankroll chart as far as increasing bet size. I've read that 100 units is a good starting point and then increase up a level once 100 units of that next level have been won. Would appreciate the elite players thoughts on this. 777
  3. Who knows if he will release it. It's unreal he keeps saying different things about what's going to be in it (Final Word) and then no posts for weeks. I understand he has health issues but get someone else to update the people that have already paid and are waiting? Make Sense?
  4. Hey Keith, What was the BTC app about? I just meant have SFP as an iOS app and that way people could have their own databases of shoes specific to casinos that they play at. Or can this be filtered already in the web interface? 777
  5. Would it be a possible to have stats for profits as a downloadable application or for iOS/Android? I think that would be a great idea. 777
  6. Ellis, Can you please outline any additions or corrections or differences from the NOR manual from 2011 that have been made? I want to make sure I have all the correct up to date information and I'm sure others would benefit with this information as well. Thanks
  7. Ellis, Will you be continuing on the SAP/RSAP 124 thread and discussing how to bet SAP and RSAP?
  8. Thanks for the replies...I added a 4th shoe (I have been observing, recording and writing down my bets for practice not playing for money yet) In the 4th shoe the 1st column looks like S40 to me (High 1s?) but in the 2nd column they unleash two 8 in a rows...then in the 3rd column it starts with a 34 but then the 12's are S40 is that right?
  9. What would be the best way to play these shoes? They are from an online live dealer casino. Shoe #1 B3221411111111 B222121114112 P111111121311 Shoe #2 B1142213213 P32122221 Only recorded up to hand 35 in Shoe #2 Shoe #3 B1223113412 B1233132212 P21242 Shoe #4 B114112311311 B13188 P3412121221 I'm not sure if it matters but this casino uses 6 decks rather than 8 Thanks for any insights.
  10. While we all are anxiously awaiting updates...Are the tester rules (The 1 page that we got when we pre purchased) not valid anymore? What's the status on them? I think a lot of us are confused by the many many systems and approaches...Am I right in understanding that NOR and MDB are still valid and useful and this 2Hi system is an attempt at simplifying things with a system that can be used almost everywhere? 777
  11. How will this be released for the folks that can't attend the seminar? Will there be a manual or just a forum post with the rules/sample shoes etc...any plans for videos? Is this the same system that Norm used? Does the 2Hi Net Bet System require keeping the SAP count as well? 777
  12. I have a question about the sample games. In game 2, 4 and 6 what is the advanced betting that is used? And what does U1D1, U1D2, U1D2M2 etc mean? There isn't an explanation in the NOR manual. Thanks, 7779311
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