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    Just a guy who's trying to finally recoup my losses and hopefully win at a casino game where my wins to-date have been sketchy at best.
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  1. Sure thing W84it. I got an email from Keith mentioning it which is what prompted the question.
  2. Hi All, It’s been about 3 years or so since I last visited this site. Some of you may remember me (McVince?) and I wanted to get a “lay of the land” before signing up again. Last I left off, there was MDB and 4D (run mainly by ECD) which seemed marginally effective and complex (esp 4D) to perform in real time at the tables which made me shy away. I assume it’s been revamped since then? Also, I was intrigued by the latest mention of roulette since I have witnessed consistent wins using the old techniques I still remember. Can someone please help?
  3. Ellis, What about playing at a $15 touch table, flat betting every hand the min amount using TB4L while watching for 2-2's then when an MDB+ play sets up switch to your $100 unit 1-2-4 prog (if needed)? Seems like a rational way to go if you're the only one at the table since you're only using the min flat betting to keep you "in the game" so they'll deal. Of the 10 or so shoes I've played the flat betting seems to hover around a net of $0 or a slight loss or win, but you're only using that to continue playing. Glenn btw - I've noticed very little difference in patterns between the touch and no-touch tables at Parx. At a glance, it seems the wins / losses are about the same. The most frequent killer being multiple 2's before a 1 or 3.
  4. Thanks Mike! So to be clear, after the first 4 hands below you would start betting: for PBPB = S12 for PPBB = S23 for PPPB and BPPP = S23 for PPPP = S4 Am I close?
  5. Hi All, Just wondering if there was a general consensus made as to what the new shoe start rule is? I know we were using S1 at Hand 2 or so but that seems to be a bit presumptuous since you do not know what the shoe is going to do and can sometimes get you dug into a -3 or deeper situation right out of the gate.
  6. Gman, I was using the W of O baccarat simulator for practice also and yes, Ellis is totally correct, the RNG pattern cannot be beat long term. I was more concerned about honing proper playing skill (especially when 4D was in vogue) than actual scoring. So, that begs the question: To practice MDB / SAP "at casino speed" should we go on live sites like Black Orchid? Glenn
  7. Same here...maybe waiting for an event to happen first before betting is what's needed.
  8. Thanks Mike, Have you noticed any difference between the mini (no touch) and midi (touch) bac tables as far as difficulty of shoes?
  9. Dumb question time: Forgive me, Ellis - you probably answered already. How can I tell if the casino's cards are regular or preshuffled? Glenn
  10. I agree 100%, but unfortunately am not well versed in Excel macros either....
  11. I guess I'm still hoping the 100% purely mechanical play can be attained.
  12. No, I played it purely mechanically and switched to OTB4L at hand 25 at the 4 6 4 8 count. I'm still not sure when to switch systems since it seems you did better by not switching when SAP was indicating to.
  13. Unless the rules can be altered to handle these situations?? Any thoughts Ellis? Here's another one: P12141371 P2212114124 P221211111123
  14. Thanks Ellis, Yes, that would be a great help ( a definitive Rules thread). Seems I'm still having trouble transitioning from the default BaS40 starting system to "X" system (whatever SAP determines it to be) without violating the -5 LL on a few shoes. The purely mechanical play should help remedy this. Here's one example: B322112112 .....I hit -5 by the end.
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