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  1. lol i just watched some of the btc youtube videos and got that stat.... i don't play that way
  2. it is Player because the 1's win 87% of the time. that's my final answer.
  3. I am getting the hang of net betting! I was confused at first. Just came back from the Matrix Casino (A casino in San Jose California where it holds only card tables and no slot machines or craps and roulette.) I successfully done some net betting in addition to 4D. I simply net bet PB when I saw there is no run on any counts. It was a rough start though, but I did manage to come out +4 units! (did I mention you have to pay $1 for every bet up to $100? That's what this casino does as a collection.)
  4. I scanned all of them but I only paper played shoes D E and F.. I lost units on shoe F and paper played the rest of it. here's those 3 shoes I paper played. Sorry for the blotches of ink. My pen was leaking. I still hadn't learn how to net bet. I believe I can after a few more paper practices.
  5. I see what you're saying. I stuck to NOR just for the simplicity. With 4D I am having difficulty with the speed of the dealers but I am becoming faster at the count.. Here are some shoes I paper played with at one of my practice visits. I tagged the shoes ABCDEF. I exited the casino with -3 units that night. Then I came back a few days later hit and running the tables and exited with +10 units. A-shoe B11221154111 P2621111114 P21113111221 B-shoe P22212128 P112131111422 B2161124 C-shoe P12136112111 P111511624 B532121 D-shoe P21421253 P111112121324 B25721231111 E-shoe P22111132421 B112112112116 B5231422 F-shoe B10,1112113 B2222321321 P522243 These are Land Based shoes from Matrix Casino. . I posted these shoes as a good practice to share. This was a couple days before New Years. (Side Note F-shoe Started with Banker 10 streak.) I got anxious from all the note taking so I played with just a few units and lost. nothing like coming back well rested and hitting and running the tables to win some back.
  6. Thanks Norm! I live in the bay area of California and I played at an Asian Casino called The Matrix. (btw for every bet you pay $1 for every minimum bet-$100) I want to try checking out the Indian Casinos here sometime this week (Cache Creek or Red Hawk these casinos don't take a $1 collection but are farther away). I don't stay for the whole shoe because I feel physically and mentally drained from seeing the change of biases (Thanks to 4d!). I believe at the Matrix casino, they used pre-shuffled decks because i saw them place the whole used shoe in an elevator for cards. Once that slides down another shoe rises next to it. One of the most important skills I learn here was knowing when to walk away.
  7. Hi this is my first post ever in this forum. Hi everyone! A little info about me: After 2 weeks of joining and investing in the NOR manual, I was able to earn my investment and a little more with only 4 casino visits. The first casino visit I just paper gambled to see how I did. I had a lot of fear and anxiety until I started to see the biases. So that brings me to learn 4D. I studied the lingo and did multiple searches in this forum to understand. I made many mistakes yesterday when using 4D counting at the casino. I wasn't able to keep up, I made mistakes on the count and it was the first time I exited a casino a loser. Then today I was able to keep up and I doubled my bank roll because I tracked the shoe biases and saw a lot of counts being "in Jail". I see it very clearly with the 4D count! Now I am confident with table selecting and using NOR with 4D counting! Thanks Ellis!
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