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  1. Hi Kevin ...i sent my email address and i texted you so heres my email address again I look forward to hearing from you!! Mike mficca126@gmail.com @kachatz1
  2. Hey Kevin great live the other day ...how can i get a copy of the Baccarat Bible and that very cool scorecard? Thanks in advance Mike
  3. Hi guys been a while since i posted...believe it or not i'm still using S40M3 and still doing well with it....Golden Nugget is the only Casino in Atlantic City to offer Live Dealer Baccarat!! As a NJ resident i'l Thrilled because i can use my 7 step Money Management System along with a S40M3?Frankenstein method of playing my room limit is 1-500 some are 1-1000 when you play more but guys let me tell you since i started playing its been very successful for me to start i want to play everyday for a month and win ....wait for it $100 a day and i'm very happy to say that i deposited $300.00 on August 1 and as i sit here today i've had 11 straight winning days of $100 i'm playing very very conservative money and as soon as i hit my goal i'm out but for you guys that are saying $100 a day is nothing..hmmmmm what can you do with an extra $3000 a month ...i'm pretty sure you are getting the idea the layout is easy also very easy to bet and i get to see fellow BTCer McVince in the room sometimes ...hes a legend at Golden Nugget i'm about to start a session now the only draw back is that its only 12 hours a day 3pm-3am i hope the next brave Atlantic City Casino has 24 hour Baccarat So again for all you New Jersey residents you need to check this out.....i get the same rush beating the casino online as i do in the Brick & Morter casinos. I will keep you posted on my progress
  4. Something I've been noticing at Parx Casino lately as well as Sugar house Casino both in Philadelphia Pa. I've been noticing a TB4LM2/3 as i call it lol. i walked in last night sat down and basically followed the table i bought in for 500 so 10 units at 50.00 i set my goal at 7 units and played 9 hands and won 380 and 7 units and i got up in the middle of the bank run basically 3P 6B and left now that may not sound like a lot but let me put this in perspective to you i live in NJ approx an hour from Atlantic City and 45 mins from Parx Casino I Left my house at 1245pm i DJed at Ballys Beach Bar on the Beach in Atlantic City from 3-7 Drove 90 mins to my 2nd DJ job from 9-11 and i would have gotten home about 12am almost a 12 hour day and my salary for the day was 425.00...i played Baccarat for 9 hands less than 15 minutes in and out and won 380. Ever since ive changed the way ive played at these 2 casinos and adapted a TB4LM2/3 Strategy i haven't lost in 12 trips and totaled 84 units. I had a Discipline problem when i started with you and i listened to every word Ellis told me and i don't know how it happened the old me would have rode that streak till it ended the new disciplined goal setting me has consistently said this is how many units I'm winning and i will leave no matter what when i hit the goal. And i'll be damned I think I'm on my way to becoming a professional player. I truly believe mastering the discipline aspect of playing Baccarat will not only make me a better player but make me a consistent winner as well!!! I hope this helps the new people because i was a new NOR player not too long ago!!! Mike
  5. PMed Ellis he usually answers in a matter of no more than a day and havent heard from him or havent seen him posting!! update?
  6. Hey guys just got back from Tropicana in Atlantic city spotted a System 40 table Bought in for 500 played 50 dollar bets another fast win P1111111 +7 units this was started at play 10 and out on 16 +350 now i'm a little concerned that we are going crazy and jumping systems again Nor is a solid system and its all about table selection AOW MDB MDB+ 4D Sap wtf lol pick one and perfect it i have no problem with table selection and system selection i'm not afraid of an f table or an s40 table i am afraid of being in a casino too long. in and out hit and run DISCIPLINE now that being said me and McVince are working on a modified MDB+ system i was ill when my 150 was due and even though i was helping get it off the ground they wouldnt honor my 150 they want more fine so McVince and i will keep this to ourselves for now. But lets focus people. too many systems i can tell you where i plat TB4L is golden from play 60 to play 75 that can be a new system we can call it TB4L Late Late Ellis is talking about going back to blackjack is baccarat getting frustrating? i hope the nor forum stays. i'm happy to help and share with all members feel free to PM me
  7. I decided to try a new place to play Baccarat today. Harrahs Philadelphia they had 2 $10 mini bacc tables on the floor and 2 $50 bacc tables in the high roller pit. i sat down at the $50 table and it was a good S40M1 or TB4L table but the people tuening over the cards took foooooorrrrrrrreeeeeevvvvvvvver!!!! i walke out +9 units and picked up +19 units in 2 days this week...i'm back at it 3 days a week and will keep you updated on my progress
  8. I decided to try a new place to play Baccarat today. Harrahs Philadelphia they had 2 $10 mini bacc tables on the floor and 2 $50 bacc tables in the high roller pit. i sat down at the $50 table and it was a good S40M1 or TB4L table but the people tuening over the cards took foooooorrrrrrrreeeeeevvvvvvvver!!!! i walke out +9 units and picked up +19 units in 2 days this week...i'm back at it 3 days a week and will keep you updated on my progress
  9. Hi guys i'm back playing again after my summer Hiatus and started with $50 units McVince Quizzical1 and myself met at Burgur King to discuss our new strategy we have a modified MDB+ system we are working on but as fate would have it the tables were slow and the people were following McVinces play because they knew him and needless to say our plays went astray. Now i played the table S40M3 and did ok till the end vince voided his discipline and lost a few hands in a row and i actually went against him for one hand and won then stopped it was painful. So i was down 1 unit and we all split and went our separate ways i was determined to get to +10 clear tonight. i proceeded to play the system McVince and I are working to Modify and after 3 hours i was up 5 units to make a long story short after 6 hours of play at Parx the end of alot of shoes there are TB4L shoes and sure enough at play 69 i played TB4L at play 75 i had won my +10 units but the moral of the story is i adapted on the run an had the discipline to stick with the plan and even thoiugh it took me 6 hours i was +10!!!!
  10. Hi guys i have to tell you this story real quick!!! As alot of you know i haven't been on consistently since Memorial Day I'm DJing at the Jersey shore 7 nights a week but i promise I'll be posting again after Labor Day I'll be back to playing 3 days a week!!! Last night i was DJing at one of the Jersey Shore Casinos and a high roller came up to me and handed me $500 to play a song which i did..i was done at 4am and on my way home decided to stop at the Borgata. They have a great selection of Baccarat Tables my new favorite place i saw a stone cold S40 table which i spotted from whaty Pompano Mikes says "From Clear Across The Casino" i sat down at this $20 Mini-Bacc table and bought in for $500 all black i started at play 11 Bet Bank my mindset was to play my normal S40M3 i was out at play 18 B121112 for a net of $585 never got to M3 lol so not bad for less than 15 mins of work!!! Hope everyone id winning and having fun...i cant stress enough Gambling is over approach this as a business discipline is the key if +3 4 or 5 is your goal stop get out the longer you stay the casino will eventually get you...will there be days you can do no wrong yes but there are days you will hit that -5 stop/loss leave tomorrow or next week is another day. I promise if your Discipline is right you will succeed if not you are just a gambler. How do i know...i was a gambler now I have discipline. Thanks for all the PMs and i hope i answered everyone but alot have said how can you leave the casino while you are winning...lol GAMBLERS!!!! +5 is the goal when you hit the goal you go....the ultimate goal is to make this a steady income...and something Pompano Nike said on the hour long You Tube Video that hit me..$25-$50 means nothing its not exciting hes a $100 player i too am a $100 player but my goal is to be a $1000 player and i want to play 3 days a week at that point my goal is to make $3000 a day $9000 a week i believe i can live comfortable off of that couldn't you? +3 is ALOT easier that +5 and i bet you GAMBLERS out there will get discipline really quick when you are investing that kind of money!!! Remember to pay yourself while building your bankroll...The best thing Ive learned from Ellis was pay off all your bills become debt free it makes a big difference!! i'm almost there TY Ellis!!!! any questions PM I'm happy to share but my system is basic NOR S40M3 is my system of choice and i look at the tables to find it ....I'm only looking to be at the table between 6-20 hands that's it!! Mike
  11. Hi guys havent posted in a while but DJing at the Jersey shore 6 nights a week i recently had my 100th visit using NOR and the S40M3 system ive had 83 winning trips and 17 losing trips for a total of +279 units how you say did i arrive at this figure 83x5=415 17x8=136 415-136=279 strict Discipline leave at +5 walk at -8 there it is. ill be playing 3-4 days a week again come September Borgata Ballys and Harrahs Marina in ac have been great parx sugar house and harrahs philly have been aweful im starting to sit and camp out at games now so i can find the right time to jump in...i used to start righ at the beginning of the shoe but now i dont care where i jump in i'm looking for +5 and +5 only hope everyone is doing well and you will be hearing from me alot more in september BORGATA i never thought id like it there they have alot of tables there from 20-100 been doing well there
  12. Hey guys another win today +20,130 -979,870 till the million 87.5% pa easy shoe!!!
  13. Hi guys another trip to Sugar House its literally 15-20 mins from my house. The place was packed and had to choose a new table which is why i don't come here. i sat down waited 4 hands thought it was an OTB4L and played won 1200 on the EX Bacc table +$18,930 and -$981,070 thats it for me for the week +3570 this week not bad huh!! Thanks Ellis Im following your specific directions and i'm in no hurry to the million and i'm almost debt free which is what you and a few others encouraged me to do was become debt free!!! i think another week or 2 then up to $300 units have a great week all!!!!
  14. Hi guys i went to the closest casino to my house because when i was heading to Parx there was a huge back up and i wasnt going to wait in traffic so i had to wait an hour for a seat and this wasnt the normal ideal table that i observe before i jump in it took me awhile but it was a profit..this casino has EZ Bacc tables no commission +17730 -982270 to the million
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