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  1. Hi Mike. I sent you a private message asking for some clarity on some progressions and systems. If you have a minute could you possibly check your PM and get back to me? Much appreciated, thank you.
  2. Ellis, I am new to net betting and have a question. Are the rules for "Ultimate Net Betting" the same as the rules for "MDB 2Hi NB"?
  3. Can someone tell me the post number where net betting is explained? I would like to learn how to net bet.
  4. Hi Ellis, I am anxioulsy awaiting your new rules for NB 2hi. Do you think I shall be successfull in using this new method online at the Black Orchid Casino where they only use 6 shoes and hand shuffle?
  5. Are you sure the name of the casino you posted the pdf from is in fact 5 Dimes?? The photo you posted looks exactly like the online casino I play called Black Orchid Casino.
  6. What further betting plays has Art and Waytoofast come up with for our MDB+ system?
  7. Ellis, one or two winning or losing shoes does not a system make. MDB+ and NOR are both winning systems. No one knows more about baccarat than you and you have supplied us with winning tools such as MDB+ and NOR amoung others. I believe in you and the forum that you have built for all of us. I have had more winning shoes than loosing shoes since joining BTC forum. I have a MUCH better understanding of the game. Let's all move forward continuing to learn and share. Speaking of sharing: I have attached an MDB+ score card that my boyfriend Dr.Ken designed for me. I hope it helps others too. Good
  8. Ellis, attached please see the 3 shoes I played today using your MDB+ system. I played at Casino Rama in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. I won all 3 shoes, 8 units in total playing $100 units. I never got past a 2 bet in my progressions! Yay! Here is how I played the shoes: 1) I played at touch tables with pre shuffled cards fresh deck of course for each new shoe. 2) I waited for 3 2's to appear before comencing my first bet. 3) During my first shoe, all the players accept myself, left the table. So I left the table as I needed the other players to place bets so I could get the cards delt to me. 4)
  9. What does net betting player versus banker mean? Can you post a shoe showing this?
  10. Ellis, I have a question about using a second indicator twice. Example; 123313. Do the rules state that I am to use the second #3 as the first part of a new series of two 3's or not as it has already been used as a set of two 3's? Or, should I wait for the third 3 to have another 3 appear after it to comnence a new indicator of two 3's? In short, can you use the same indicator twice or not?
  11. Can you please post a shoe showing the play by play that you just stated so I can see it played out?
  12. Thank you so much for taking the time to post all your shoes. Could you possibly post a play by play of only one of the shoes so I may follow your play of all the shoes you posted. For example; what does "red" represent, why are there solid lines thru some plays you chose not to play, when did you use the SAP to decide which system to switch to. Congrats on your success!
  13. Ellis, is play #16 correct on the attached shoe??[ATTACH]3006 S40M1 MDB.pdf
  14. S40M1 MDB.pdf Can anyone tell me if play 16 is correct or not on the shoe that I have attached?? And thank you Wendel for your assistance.
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