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  1. Thanks, Kevin. I can't tell you how many times I've put in play the things you've taught, advised, and even admonished those of us striving to attain skilled and profitable play consistently. I will report in after this weekend with a better analysis of my first round of baccarat play.
  2. Disclaimer: Title may be a slight exaggeration, but I wanted to catch the attention of as many members of this forum as possible to express my gratitude and report in now that I am back to live play in the casinos. I experienced so many emotions as I worked through my first live shoe. It was the touch style of baccarat, so it gave me time to think through all the principles I've learned here and "justify" every bet I made. I still have the first-game jitters (I'm imagine you pros have never experienced that), but I kept it together enough to make it through the shoe. But and however - LOL - my playing has improved greatly. I have to give a shout out to Keith, Kevin, Jimmy Baccarat, and all the stellar leaders and contributors to this forum. I have set a personal target and I am committed to mastering this game. I'll be playing in Biloxi for the next 2.5 days, and 3 days a week until I reach some goals I have set. Combing through the treads, monitoring updates, watching videos, participating -- well, listening in on live play sessions -- and personal responses and conversations with Keith and Kevin have all combined to get my act together - LOL -- Oh, and I'm at No. 52 out of the 100 shoe challenge. So for a member who left the forum and returned , I must say I am very excited about my re-entry into baccarat play. I made 14 units on my first shoe -- I'll take it. And I stopped before the shoe was done because I was tired after driving four hours to get to Biloxi, waiting for an hour for the pit boss to open a new table just for me, and then play 54 hands in 2.5 hours. I could hear all of the forum saying, "The casino's always open. Stop when you're tired. Take your winnings. Live to fight tomorrow or another day." Much gratitude and respect to this forum!!!
  3. Hi, everyone. After quite a hiatus to attend to other matters of life, I am ready to continue my education in baccarat play. The last methods that were being explored were promoted when I stepped away were MDB and MDB+ along with approaches by some the baccarat legends. I recently received an e-mail regarding 5D; so I'm not sure if that is what I should review, study, and commence playing. I do remember a major theme being successful players must have multiple approaches or strategies at their disposal because of the changes that occur in any given shoe. However, there were also basic or fundamental starting strategies, and I no longer have them at my present recall. I would appreciate being pointed in the right direction to ramp up as quickly as possible and resume playing. Thanks in advance.
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