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  1. Hi, I have plenty of Online Shoes from 5Dimes, (6 Decks regular cards, burn 11 cards at the end and 7 cards at the beginning). If you need some sample shoes from 5 Dimes, let me know.
  2. Hi Ellis, A complete version of NOR manual!! That is great. Count me in please. Thanks
  3. Thanks for reposing the rules. Do we still play the event that trigger by 4's if the TWO 4's comes out really early such as at the beginning of the shoe?
  4. Hi Ellis, Thanks for your great thought. I was playing in 5Dimes. I saw a lot of unequal shoes. For example: P11113111433 B13113211511 P233 When we are playing MDB+, we need to wait for two confirm 3's, and then bet the next 3's goes to 4. If we are playing SAP count in unequal shoes, do we need to wait for two confirm 3's. Also, if possible, can you give us some example when you have time. Thank you
  5. By any chance, do you know whether Borgata use regular cards or pre-shuffled card?
  6. Hi, I am new to the NOR and learning about it now. I am planing to go to AC on the up coming Saturday, 11/22.
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