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  1. Hi guys Just wanted to start a thread on us creating a MDB + progression. With so high hit rate we surely can come up with a specialist progression that will work along side MDB to make profits more consistent. I think anyone who has played way2fast rules MDB knows losing shoes are few and far between. Could we come up with a progression that helps us take more money home in the long run. I recall way2fast talking about something he is working on. Thoughts?
  2. I have to agree with Brad, I think for us newbies this would be much easier. When i personally payed for the universal system i wanted something i can learn and impalement in the casino, do i care if its netbetting or 2hi? no of course not, SAP/RSAP seems great and a great direction to go. We can chose what progression we play also Cant we have a set of rules and go from there?
  3. What's the delay? If SAP/RSAP is already created why don't we post the rules in full so players can start testing.
  4. Ellis thanks for starting the lesson on SAP/RSAP. Doing the SAP card makes perfect sense to me so looking forward to how to use this to bet. In you post you mentioned about using SAP for NOR, when we learn the SAP/RSAP will we need to use NOR as well, I think the issue for me personally is having so much to learn and so many options when we turn up to the baccarat table, way2fast plays mainly MDB+ and OZ plays his way. As mentioned in previous posts does SAP/RSAP cover us if that's all we play? Long term of course i want to know NOR MDB+ and SAP/RSAP close to perfect but to start with will SAP
  5. Ellis when should the 2hi members expect to recieve these lessons? I have a trip to Vegas next week would love to implement SAP/RSAP when I go.
  6. Ellis when will you be posting the SAP/RSAP system to the guys that paid for 2hi? I am excited that we are going to be playing this way. I have been playing around with MDB and starting to have some success, at this stage I am seeing a difference between pre shuffled and regular cards, maybe way2fasts way dominates both. I think SAP/RSAP could be a good way for beginners like myself to be told what,where and when to bet as personally I struggle making the correct decision when playing NOR with my inexperience. Let's get this out so we can start playing
  7. Is there a page that has the exact rules way2fast plays MDB? I understand he has had success with factory pre shuffled and standard cards to. This makes it more interesting to learn and play MDB. I have stayed away from it in the past because I don't play at casinos that have factory pre shuffled. I understand way2fast has posted before, did he post full rules and where can I find it?
  8. yes its been a while since we paid for the 2hi system, i totally understand changes had to be made and if SAP is the way to go i would like to see some new testing with the exact rules to see how it performs and if this is the direction the system is going.
  9. Ellis has there been any testing done playing SAP and reverse SAP?
  10. Ok so we know now the new system we are going to use SAP and Reverse SAP with a progression that suits us. When will this be available for us to learn and start using for real? (For the players that don't no this way of playing)
  11. How many shoes have you tested this system against? What was the results?
  12. I played with the rules with 20 shoes playing a 10 unit stop loss and win loss. I had 11 shoes hit my stop loss and 9 hit my 10 units. Ellis how is your results coming on? I feel we are not to far away
  13. Hi Ellis Anymore shoes tested with these rules?
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