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  1. Any recommendations for Casinos with Baccarat tables near Naples or Fort Myers Florida?
  2. Thanks for the Harrah's tip. I ended up playing there. Yeah Beau surprisingly had only a few players in all the days I was there. Minimum bet table was $25.
  3. I was wondering what are the best places to play in Biloxi, M.S. I was at Beau Rivage Friday night. There were 4 or 5 tables but only one was open with just 2 players. Since I don't play every hand that makes it difficult to play when there are not many players. Any other suggestions of casinos in this area?
  4. Sorry Doug, I forgot about the app. I saw this Asian guy using his phone and adding all the shoes into his phone. Go to http://baccapp.com/english.html and click on the App Store link for apple, for some reason their link to Andoid does not work and when I search in the Google App store, nothing comes up. So you need an apple device (iPhone, iPad, Mac) to use this. Costs $2.99, but it is good. May be Mike can take a look at this and see if he can get any cues for the database he is building. After you add a few shoes to this, it gives pretty good statistics. Just came back from to Potawatomi
  5. Doug, Have not played there and I do not think they have Bacc there. Only places in Wisconsin that I know have Bacc is at Ho Chunk at Wisconsin Dells and Potawatomi in Milwaukee.
  6. Doug, Thanks. No, I did not make any MDB bets. I am more careful making MDB bets online because they only use 6 decks, so they usually have around 60 hands. If I do not get a trigger early in the shoe, I do not want to go MDB. I do not think I will be going to Florida with my schedule. We should try to meet up sometime in Chicago or I can drive to Bloomington area, but Horseshoe and Ameristar has more tables. But both casinos have vertical boards which makes it so hard to do hit-and-run MDB bets like we did at Gold Coast in Vegas.
  7. Just played this on 5-dimes (OTB4L) with a 1-2 loop and go out after two losses when it started chopping. +19
  8. Mike, Doug and I met again in the afternoon (on Sunday) at Gold Coast and repeated the hit and run of MDB and all of us were about +10. We were going with a 1-2-4 betting progression and there were only two occasions that we went to our 3rd (4 unit) bet, which we won. About to fly back to Chicago and now at the Vegas airport. Will update more later tomorrow or day after about our betting experience and as Kevin states, why group betting may be advantageous specially when you are still learning MDB. The seminar and the MDB betting afterwards was a lot of fun. We should do this more often.
  9. I think that is really good advise to have 200x base units to play. It will not only sting less when you lose, but it will also make you more confident making those 3rd bets (if your progression is 1-2-3 or even 1-2-4). I have been playing with 100x base units, but 200x would definitely make it sweeter. I am still new to MDB and cannot wait to talk to the pros in Vegas.
  10. This is awesome, I will be there. Really looking forward to learning it from the Pros.
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