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  1. Do you charge manual part 1 $( ) manual part 2 $( ) Manual final $( ) ,
  2. Hi Kachatz, if you will to teach me how you play I will join premium members
  3. Hi Oz can you explain the method ANB , it should be a good method . Thanks William Looi
  4. http://forum.beatthecasino.com/index.php?/topic/6933-221-diary/ this is a link to help you understanding on 221 mm. my e mail is malayanlooi@yahoo.com I will send more example and try to elaborate it, sorry that my English is not very good, this morning I am going to casino again to test it out with 4 more shoe and I will tell you my result. I am happy with 3 unites or 4 unites per shoe with consistency, and high win rate, i have learn not to take every hand but bet wisely. have profit target and stop lost limit. bye
  5. I have develop a new method to play baccarat , I have been using it and testing in casino for 20+ shoes with out any lose flat bet, win target is 4 unit stop lose is 3 unites. I have attached a picture you may understand when you look and study carefully. So far I have not met a losing shoe yet. IMG_20170215_0001.pdf
  6. may be you have not meet one, . My uncle who bought a piece of land which everyone think it is a foolish decision to buy to buy a flooded and far deep away from main road. He take out his saving and borrow some money here and there, to buy that land , everyone said he made a very stupid decision. He said he dream few time that that place going to be develop and prosper , his in-sting leads him. Now that piece of land worth 5 million dollar. He bought it with $200 000 dollar.
  7. he got magic power. I saw a player who play almost every hand with 95% accuracy . I saw him one time only . I still remember when he bet banker everyone follow him , when he bet player everyone follow him . those who follow him make good money. I did follow his bet few time and make money, when he finish playing and walk out I try to talk to him and say thank you , he just smile at me and walk faster away from me.
  8. You understand how gambler life ,losing and keep on losing and losing until to the end , and you have compassion on them because you know most of them are loser therefore you are willing to help any player or gambler so that you do not lose too much. Your heart is good and may God give you wisdom to do better. Your method may not be the best and practical , but you have the heart to help others without selfishness.
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