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  1. Thanks for the Welcome message

  2. Unwritten rule, you just hope it's a slow day when/if you get one. The odds are enormous. I played amateur golf pretty seriously for a good 25 years, maybe 50 to 100 rounds per year and only had 1 hole in 1! I got lone hole in 1 while playing in a high school golf tournament in 1986 so I didn't have to buy drinks. The funny thing was it was a terrible shot! I bladed a 9 iron about head high that was going to go over the green into a forest. The ball hit the bank of a sand trap, killed the momentum, hopped up on the green, took the break and went in! But, i've hit 100's of good shots that danced all over the hole, stayed on the lip of the cup, hit the flag and bounced away..none of them fell for the ace. Aces are just cosmic. I had a golfin' buddy I used to play with who aced the same hole at his home club 3 times.... never any other hole or location. Just that one hole. Lots of mysteries in the world.
  3. We were treated so well at the Lucky Dragon during the October Baccarat Crawl, hopefully they open back up with the same level of service. FB Post Below.
  4. Happy Thanksgiving all! I'm thankful for - My wife who chose me and stands by me and my 18 month old daughter who is healthy and full of spirit. - @kachatz1 for spending his time teaching and playing Las Vegas last weekend! - All the BTC players I met and learned from at "The Crawl" last month. - The friends (too many to list) I've made on this forum and the knowledge I've gained here. - @Keith Smith for creating and keeping this club going. This is a great group.... Hope you all have a happy holiday season!!
  5. @rious Great, glad you joined! If you need more shoes just post the request in the private forums and I can send you some more.
  6. Oops didn't notice this is the public side..... @rious consider the above 50 shoes from my personal collection as a gift and incentive to join the forum as a paying member where you will receive access to Stats For Profits. As @trillion said contains 1000's of shoes you can practice play and analyze with many different bet selection methods.
  7. Team... Keith has said that SFP has an problem and they can't add new users at this time. @rious is new so he wasn't added before the problem started. In the mean time @rious attached are 50 shoes from 5 dimes...maybe 6 months old. I collected them myself so i'm not sharing SFP shoes. If/when you need more, just let me know. Shoes.txt
  8. @Keith Smith I'm in, booked my flight and hotel last night. Really looking forward to it!
  9. Thanks for the info! I didn't think about topping bets so that would work. I'll talk to the boss (wife) and try to work it out.
  10. Hey Keith, i'm giving some serious thought to joining the weekend crawl with you guys and since this would be my first trip to vegas and a newb to the Bacc Crawl I had a couple of questions. 1. My BR isn't large, what table (minimums) do you guys play? Would I need a large BR to play at the same tables as you guys? I'm probably only able to play flat bet greens at this point, not sure if that is high enough to hang and learn from you guys. 2. What is your normal schedule? Meaning what times do you guys normally start playing on Saturday/Sunday etc... 3. What would be the recommendation for a reasonable hotel? Thanks for the info!
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