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  1. Ntrl9 thanks for the response, Does MDB loses on shoes that have long term bias? cause if it isn't it maybe the easiest to apply in all kind of circumstances...
  2. Hello there, I have been playing NOR for 10 days with good results for a rookie so far (+50 units) but its hard to apply because in a shoe there a lot changes to system you should be playing its kind of exhausting.I do believe NOR makes money but i think i need something more clear. I got also the 5D pdf kind of loved the approached i have to admit it seems extremely professional in my eyes to watch at for indicators to make a bet. So now i am thinking of getting into MDB but here is the question again. I am seeing regular cards with too many system changes and i cant get in untill the reveals
  3. After 2 weeks im having good results with NOR but i have this question. I see too many system changes in one shoe every ten hands the system that you should play changes,does this kind of shoes are beaten with MDB?
  4. Im glad i found about this forum When i say mechanical i mean something with more distinct indicators of which system to play when you have to make the call.NOR is has many options making it difficult to be applied from a rookie,of course practise is needed,no laziness at all. Whats the best approach to determine what should you in NOR.SAP or OR count? Furthermore why cant we just apply OR to Net Betting an if the count is -2 +2 play it till the 4s? Which of the MDB+/NOR you think is easier to apply ?
  5. Studying NOR for 3 days and i think that a more mechanical kind of procedure would work for me better.I saw a post from Mr.Ellis saying that MDB is more mechanical approach than NOR so i am asking here more experienced members for suggestions.I need a procedure that tells me exactly what to do overlap senarios would be eliminated. Furthermore i like net betting approach (feeling more confidence) but is it possible to have Net bet to deal with 1s-4s and a Net Bet to deal with 4s+? Last question: Im in Greece and regular cards are played and the dexk shuffling gets place in fornt od the player
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