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  1. +44 units sounds good. That is over how many shoes?
  2. Thanks for the replies! I'm trying to use SAP, NOR and your last 3 events method at the same time to choose what looks steady. Still learning. I have learned one thing so far: you can't win every shoe, but almost in every shoe I find myself on the plus side at some point, therefore I'm working on my discipline. Not only a hard stop loss is needed (I'm still deciding on that but it seems like -6 is a good idea as I'm using 1,2 sometimes 1,2,3 progression), but also I need to learn not to give back the winnings. Brad01, I've started reading your last 3 events topic. I'm on 4th pag
  3. Hi everybody! I've joined this forum about 2 weeks ago and studied the materials so far. I have modified the wonderful 4D Analyzer spreadsheet so that: 1. I can put my bets and units and the spreadsheet is keeping the score. 2. It keeps the SAP score 3. It calculates Win/Lose percentage. I've submitted the spreadsheet in downloads section, so all of you can use it if you want. Now the question: I'm playing in places that shuffle the cards by hand. What system would be the best? NOR, last 3 by brad01 or MDB+? Thank you in advance for all the
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