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  1. I usually just read the “Premium Members Only Discussion” and didn’t pay much attention to the “Q and A” section’s threads. Until today I just found this thread. So in my case, I’m kind of ripped off 2K by CFC with some useless pages. But the moneys is gone and I take my lost . But the most things got me upset was by two years ago when I brought their course it was a bundle sales with CFC forum access ($250 annually). So after the transaction completed for almost the whole year I never go to their forum. Until one year later it got my attention I was auto charged another $250. I immediately co
  2. I wish oz post this a few month earlier so I would have saved my 1500 bucks.
  3. Its a very thorough seminar, Steve did a good job for the introduction to system 40,Nor, I was able to use the knowledge win the next day $600, if anyone has not attend the seminar yet I will highly recommend it, thanks Steve and the creator Keith & Ellis!
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