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  1. Hello Don I play on the gulf coast daily. Usually @ Harrahs on the machines or the IP and Golden Nugget .. Love to hear back from you and possibly help you out Scott 228 249 2577 Also Bill from Long Beach plays here also. He is very knowlable.
  2. Love playing OTBL-TBL seems to win a lot of shoes. In your opinion what is the best progression? Also having problems switching sometimes. Use 3 repeats to switch to TBL from OTBL seems OK. Using confirmed 2iar to switch back to OTBL ( 1 single ) which works good and then switch back to TBL on 2 singles. Sometimes it works great other times I GET DESTROYED. Same difference if I wait to switch back to TBL on 3 singles. I do not count the last repeat as a first 2 or 3 iar. Is there a point in there where it may be better to just bet 0 and wait
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