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  1. Kevin, I use a bet selection as McVince has described as descending events. (I will not link to it here, as it is in the premium section) I have tested it on about 200 shoes and the variance is very low. 200 shoes is not much but maybe others can chime in on this. Two units on this shoe I was on. I will be working on strengthening it. i.e if there are indications to not place the bet.
  2. That's an interesting trigger Pando, the 4+ early enough in the shoe, then aim for another 4 in the shoe. How would you approach the following shoe in terms of a stop loss:
  3. Hi wolfat, Do you mean wait for a 2iar/4iar or 4iar/2iar, then play repeats?
  4. Kevin, you're right. This is a team effort. Refining/Testing to the max. No Silver Platter. I'm in.
  5. Yep. Paypal is an option. Click Browse, then purchase premium subscription.
  6. Very interested in the lightbulb moment Kevin I'm somewhat a newbie but learning as much as I can day by day. Will this be a video like the 87% method? That was awesome.
  7. Hi guys, This is an eye rolling basic question but I just want to confirm that I have this correct. Have to start somewhere right Say with the shoe of B1414115423342261212321228. Does it mean one banker, four players, one banker, four players, one banker, one player etc. Thanks.
  8. Thanks Kevin and wolfat. Great information. Learning, learning, learning.
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