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  1. This was made with not a single negative progression but with a positive progression.# Drops Microphone
  2. I tell you what guys you can learn all of these systems and how they work if you become a member, There's a lot of important little things that you have to know when using these systems, And the veterans on the premium side of it can help you with anything and everything that you need to know! You have to crawl before you can walk, Trust me when I tell you that there are no shortcuts you have to put in the time and the effort! Our administrator Keith has developed a strategic baccarat interface That will help you greatly with shoe analysis, And also give you an opportunity to play a bunch of
  3. Hi McVince!! I do my own version of FTS, cause don't really know the proper way of doing it not much info on the forum about it, but basically first, I don't write anything down, I do everything in my head, I'm kind of a brainiac so I retain just about everything I read.. So the way I determine a FTS is really a combination of everything I know in conjunction with what is happening in the shoe, of course after noticing 3-4 continuous events occurring.. Could be something as simple as 2's never going to 3's, or 3's never going to 4's, How many 1's there are in the shoe, so maybe betting only 2
  4. I play at Winstar in Oklahoma, and I used many methods Depending upon what the bias was in the shoe, FTS , Really works great overall I've noticed.
  5. Nope! 4000 is all profit! Thats with 3 days of playing Friday through Sunday
  6. There are no shortcuts.. You have to dedicate your time to learning and studying from the veterans here at beat the casino.. I've spent many hours studying and practicing to use what works for me. And now I consider myself to be a consistent winner. I am proof that with the time and knowledge that these players offer it is worth far more than the membership fee.. So if you want to make money and win consistently join the club! Don't believe me? They say a picture is worth a thousand words.. well here's a picture of $4000 I won over the weekend.. Beat The Casino.. Learn from the greats!
  7. You know I've actually never been to vegas, My plan is to get a at least a $5000 bankroll before I make my first trip, and When I do I will surely take you up on buying me that steak! lol And Yes it would be a great privilege to play with you Kevin! My bankroll is at $3000 right now so only $2000 more to go!
  8. You know what would be fun, is BTC members getting together, and creating and playing a BTC Baccarat Tournament.. Like each player puts $500(Example) in a pool , we all play 1 shoe of Baccarat, and whoever has the most units at the end of the shoe wins the Pool of Money!!! and of course to be fair, only Flat Betting aloud and all players have to play the same color chips, whether it be greens or blacks..And the person with the least amount of units has to buy the winner a steak dinner LOL!! Just random thoughts
  9. Wow haven't been on here since I made my last reply And tried to join the private form again but for some reason it Wouldn't let me do it, saying that I had already purchased the option of a subscription.. So did McVince say that I was lower than whale sh*t? wow! It's amazing to me how many psychic people we have here, Some of you guys are in the wrong business, To assume that I just joined the form for a short time just to extract and download all the information, When in actuality I had recently lost my job, And even though it was only $50 a month, That $50 a month could go towards food.
  10. When did i say the cost of the membership was too great?? Man you guys are making this simple question way BIGGER than what it is.. All I wanted to know is about the experiences of other amateur players, all of a sudden this public forum should be shut down, nobody is gonna give out information for free ( Well Duhh) I'm winning just fine combining the system knowledge I know with experience.. And I say I am an amateur cause I don't make my living at Baccarat, I have been playing for 5 years though.. Never asked for information just experiences.. Here are pics of wins I had over the weekend,
  11. ive been a member guys, How do you think I was able to learn all the systems to be able to win I was only a member for a few months but did gather a lot of information, And I do understand when you have a winning system to want to keep that to yourself, I guess I wasn't really wanting to know new systems I just wanted to be able to talk to other amateur players, Because the way I play is working fine for me right now, And I am winning! And it is fine to have teachers but at the same time you want to be able to talk to your classmates about how they're doing, And again I was not trying to be
  12. Learning from the 4 or 5 guys is just fine, That wasn't my question my question is as many members as there are on here how come nobody ever talks about their exexperiences in playing, And if they have had success.. I see you a lot also avion, Where are all the other players though? I'm not trying to be negative whatsoever it would Just be nice to have conversations with players who are on here also, Who are not the same 4 or 5 guys, I like baccarat and would love to talk to many people about it, And maybe learn some ideas and tips from them also. Anyways this forum is awesome and just though
  13. I never really see posts about normal everyday players winning. Just pretty much the same 4 or 5 guys, There's gotta be more people than that playing this game LOL. Is there any amateur players winning consistently out there With the help of the wonderful knowledge on this forum? I myself have been able to have some consistent wins from the knowledge that I got from beat the casino, Would be nice to hear from some different people about their experiences playing. I have a normal job and I play about twice a week on the weekends, So far I have 10 consecutive wins, Playing at the $50 unit level
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