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  1. iluvspotplay, and any other new players who are just beginning... Read my lips.... 'CALL KEVIN" 😲 ☺️ When I first started I had no idea as to how to play Baccarat other than the rules to the game. I called Kevin. Then being "smarter than him" 😲😲😲 being the "Mr. Know It All" I went off on my own and spent an awful lot of time reading everything on the forum, testing and getting myself more thoroughly confused. Eventually, I found myself gravitating back to 5D which is 4D plus FTS, MDB, etc...4D is the basis/basics. Everything else is on a higher level. And that is why I am saying "CALL KEVIN" and don't waste your time as he knows everything there is to know on the forum and then some and can point you in the right direction. Read the NOR manual. Sure. This is a beginning to get down the fundamentals. But, don't spend too much time there. McVince said he was not able to make NOR work for himself (and McVince is an intelligent guy). Eventually, he created VinSAP, which is a viable method for winning too. In it he uses a SAP count which over time has been modified. And that is why I recommend... "CALL KEVIN" A new person does not have to go thru what myself and others have gone through in trying figure out how to win at this game. There are no quick fixes. IT doesn't come easily as there is work that needs to be done. But, it shouldn't take you more than a year - like it did for me. Ohhhh. and did I mention..... "CAL... LOL
  2. Congrats Kevin!!! You've accomplished something very few people have done. And... You should celebrate and dance to the music!!! πŸ†
  3. Steve, Click on the link in Kevin's post. Add it to the cart and "checkout". There is no cost. You will then be able to download it. The 12 lessons will be found after the original 5D material which you already have in your 5D Manual. Hope this helps.
  4. Absolutely Lou !!! Well said... Might I add.... Phil Ivey learned to play poker by sitting "at the table" playing for real money and figuring it out. With SBI, you can "Sit at the table" but it does not cost you your hard earned cash/bankroll while you learn how to beat the game.
  5. When I first started playing Baccarat 9 months ago - it made sense to "replay" shoes. SBI hadn't been created then, but, I started collecting shoes by walking around the Sands Casino and recording finished shoes to replay at home. In the Premium Forum... Oz recounts how Norm and Pappa Joe would telephone and replay shoes hand by hand over the phone. CT70 recounts how he would record the shoes in a tape recorder and replay them. kachatz suggests to buy 8 decks of cards, a shoe and to deal out the shoe. No matter which method of play is being used, the successful Premium members have one thing in common... they work at their game which includes going back over shoes that they have played. The SBI is a tool - a valuable tool - for me. How much so? Well, I've taken the time to input 1000 shoes from the Sands Casino. You don't play at the Sands? So what! There are 1000 shoes you can practice on. Dannboy has input 509. CT70 has input 277. McVince has input 204. Of course there are others too. 2820 shoes as of this writing in all from quite a few other casinos. No matter what "method" of play you are using, if you are not "replaying" your shoes or testing your ideas, well... the onus is on you. No one can "do/play" Baccarat for you. It is up to each individual to "do the work" necessary to be able to learn how to win. SBI is a tool that is waiting for you to use to develop your skill.
  6. Welcome to the forum Phelps and don't mind him. He is just busting on me because I have a tendency to be "wordy" when I post in the Premium Forum. Me... I write one long post similiar to yours. Oz, well he writes 20 short ones! Same amount! LOL While the forum is serious when it comes to Baccarat, there is also a "comaraderie" that develops over time and you get to know the "cast of Characters." Remember, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." And since a forum, by its nature, is a discussion long distance, well, we have a tendency to poke fun at each other sometimes. However, when you have a question, thought, idea (hey, isn't thoughts and ideas the same thing ), want to discuss your play or whatever, there is no lack of help by the Premium members even if sometimes you don't like what you are reading (but, it is all done with the best intentions for you in mind). So, yes, Oz is not a troll and neither am I. But, regardless of what you think about Oz, myself or any of the other members in the Premium forum, (and this is not a sales pitch as I don't make one red cent off of what I am about to say) if for no other reason to join the forum - do so for access to the Stategic Baccarat Interface (SBI). Even if I was put off by Oz's busting my chops, I would still be a member of the forum for no other reason than to have access to the SBI. Why? Because I can input a shoe and play it back hand by hand (it does some other things too) not knowing what the next result will be. This exponentially increases my learning curve. Personally, I have input about 800 shoes. I am not going to remember them all from a half year ago. Therefore, when I select a shoe to play, it is like playing it for the first time. If you are honest with yourself, not knowing is a huge advantage because we learn from making mistakes and not from hindsight. "Oh, I was going to bet on Player." No, you bet on banker and missed that hand. Why? you also don't get to see how a situation develops before it happens. But if you want, you also can see the whole shoe if you want when doing research. That is just a couple of the reasons why being able to use SBI is a good idea. And if you don't have shoes for yourself, well use mine from the Sands Casino, use the over 500 that have been input by DannyBoy, CT70 and others in 5Dimes. There are others who have input shoes for many other casinos as well. SBI is relatively new to Beat the Casino and is still being tweaked and populated as members input shoes that are not RNG shoes, computer generated shoes or shoes input from a book. And if you can't find or don't like what is there, input your own like I did and still do. I have said it before, even if I don't post or read any other posts on the forum, I would still have a membership just so I could have access to SBI. I literally use it almost everyday. I know you don't know me from Adam, but, I have a similiar background. I don't gamble. I invest. I started to play poker a few years after the Moneymaker boom and was profitable but did not see how it would take me to where I wanted to go in life. The "gods" introduced me to Baccarat and I started to take it seriously around September of last year. I was chronicalling my journey in the Premium forum. Now here is the thing.... I started from not even knowing how to play Baccarat. I managed to work my way up to 3 untis/shoe from what I learned from the quidance of others at no further cost to me other than my own work. But, even at 3 units, which might not seem like much, but at a $25 mimumum table, that is $75 a shoe which takes about an hour and a half and it is scalable!!!. Can yo say $50, $100, etc... Sure as hell beats playing $1/2 or even $2/5, I don't need anywhere near the bankroll as I need for poker and it is a steady rate of return. Ok. Ok. Stop!!! Yes, I am old. And us old people like like Oz and myself have nothing better to do than play Baccarat and write on forums. Actually, I wrote all of this for Oz's benefit so he gets confused! Best of luck to you Phelps! Jim
  7. Little? Who you calling "little"!!! At 275# I make most goalies (for you soccer fans) look like waterboys! LOL And if you are not careful, I just might swing by Australia when I go to Singapore later this year and bring this "little" frame of mine to whomp on your (excuse my French!) at the Baccarat table from all of the studying I have been doing learning how to "Read the Shoe". Then afterwards, I'll buy you a cold brew! LOL Can't be serving two masters - either positng on the forum or studying/learning/practicing how to RTS. Which one is going to make me more money to buy you that cold brew? Ohhhh........... And by the way........... You didn't think I entered those 800 shoes into the Strategic Baccarat Interface just for your benefit! No sireee! It is an invaluable tool to learning how to Read the Shoe. (Thanks Keith for creating it!) It is worth the price of the Premium membership even if I do nothing else with/on the forum!
  8. Keith, I agree with what CT is saying here about auto-populating the casino name and date when entering shoes with the last one entered. At first I was entering only 8-10 shoes at a time and didn't mind selecting them each time. Now I am entering them 30 or 40 at a time. Having them auto-populate would make entering easier. Thanks, Jim
  9. I see I am not the only one who never sleeps because we have Baccarat on the Brain! "That's enough homework for one night...pretty simple eh?...How hard can it be?" I guess that is the price one must pay...
  10. Thank You very much for that post Oz. You are teaching someone (Me) to fish and not just giving me fish to feed me for one day. That is what I want and need - learning how to fish for myself. I had my suspicions about 100 shoes being a good representative sample size. I had settled on 300 but was still not sure. I am glad to see you use 500 shoes. Unfortunately, I was not able to have access to Stats for Profit. But, no matter, I now have 500 shoes in the Strategic Baccarat Interface for my use (Yipee!!! and I'll be adding more!) and for anyone else contemplating getting a membership, they know it is there for them to use too. (Actually over 1400 in total so far in the Interface.) Once again, greatly appreciated
  11. Oz, If I may ask.... Since your Master Class is coming up on the 25th, I know you probably have an agenda, but, if you would be so kind... As I try to learn how to read a shoe, I use the Strategic Baccarat Interface by using the "Play By Hand" feature. Each hand, even though I have only three choices - 1) Banker, 2) Player or 3) No Bet - I am always thinking of a reason as to why i would make the best choice. If you could, would you spend a moment or two going over how you use the Interface to help you make your best decisions? CT70 had said to practice by going through a shoe, then rework the shoe making notes and then sometime later come back to the shoe to see if you would do anything different and why. I realize "experience" plays a large part. The more experience, the more your subconscious has seen to be able to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Oftentimes, i have no idea what I am looking for. Or maybe, to put it another way, I don't know how to use it as a research tool so that I can "find my own way" when it comes to reading the shoe. It would be much appreciated. By the way, when Kevin announced your doing a Master Class, I immediately registered for it. I am looking forward to it as I can imagine many people are. Even though Kevin likes to think that the best Baccarat player has yet to be found, (and no offense to Kevin), but, the best player is already right here on the BTC forum and if he wants to keep searching...well, then he will never find him because he is already here right under his nose!
  12. This is to let everyone know that I have finally,... finally, got caught up inputting all of my shoes int the Strategic Baccarat Interface (SBI). As of this writing, there are over 600 "live" shoes for the Sands Casino. I see that Dannyboy and CT70 have been inputting shoes on a regular basis. (That is not to say that others have not contributed.) I also see that there is over 300 shoes for 5Dimes and that there are almost 1500 shoes in total in the SBI. For everyone so they have some idea as to why I think the SBI is so important.... 4 or 5 months ago, I looked at Baccarat as a way for both myself and my wife could play. Not knowing anything, even the rules of the game... intuitively it made sense to practice. The closest casinos to me are Moheghan Sun - Poconos (which has two tables) and Mt. Airy (which has 4 tables). As I sat there recording shoes, I thought to myself, "this is going to be a grind, but, you have got to do what you have got to do." Kevin Achatz had suggested buying 8 decks and dealing them out, which I started to do. I then decided to make a trip to the Sands Casino in Bethlehem (twice as far away as the other two casinos) and it was like divine providence had stepped it. An electronic stadium with 4 tables going, around 100 tables and more importantly - Asians galore!!! Asians love Baccarat!!! So much so, the casino buses them in from New York. Even at a slow period like after they bus the people back to New York, you can easily find 30 or more tables still going and the Stadium never stops. So I started recording shoes - easily 15 or 20 a trip. I figured out that I could walk around and look for shoes that had played 70 or more hands, stop and record what I saw until the end of the shoe. So, my bank of shoes started to grow. Then Kevin Smith (the Administrator at BTC) came out with the SBI. Again... divine providence. I have learned that at times when something is saying "Hey stupid!!!" I had better listen! I would be able to input all of my shoes and be able to replay them back as if I was at the casino. I had already a set of poker chips and could act as a dealer. I think it was Oz who said that Pappa Joe and Norm would talk on the phone for hours going through shoes hand by hand. Now, I sit with my wife and we both look at the computer screen (toteboard), play the shoes hand by hand using chips. It saves a lot of time over dealing cards. Recording shoes is easy and it is so much of a time saver when it comes to testing out ideas. When the older pros say "hard work" I can appreciate what they mean. While "work" is still required, it is no longer "hard" work. Access to the SBI alone is worth the price. I just renewed my Quarterly Premium Membership. I view it as the price to pay for having access to the SBI. It is as simple as that. It is that powerful of a tool. Would I think about cancelling my membership? In one word - NO!!! It is a tool I use everyday. Enough said. JimmyBaccarat P.S. This post was unsolicited.I pay to have access and do not get one red cent or bitcoin due to anyone having access to SBI either.
  13. Look for the thread "Advanced Exploits" by Pappa Joe in the Public Forum. IN this thread, there are many scorecards with Pappa Joe making a little bit larger bet on the 2LNRs to be able to see as examples of what a 2LNR looks like
  14. Oh, and just one more last thing... Tony Robbins and other self help gurus have said it. To be a winner, model excellence. Find someone who is doing what you want to do, find out what they are doing to get those results, and then just do what they are doing. It sounds simple enough, but, it is not so easy because you have not developed the "skills" that they have developed. Once you do, then, you will begin to achieve the results that they are getting. Dear Woody... Does Rex play Baccarat? Is he a winner at it? He plays the financial markets. If you want to be like Rex, why bother with Baccarat? Instead, focus on beatnigthe financial markets and emulating Rex. Just because Rex can beat the financial markets does not mean he can win at Baccarat. Until Rex can show you he is a proven winner at Baccarat, then he is not a good model of excellence. I don't know anything about the winning player's investing habits here at BTC. However, I would be leery of what they say until they can show me they are consistent winners in financial arena. Conversely, Oz, Way2Fast, CT70, McVince, Pando, Wolfat, Avion, (as the more active members on the forum) and the list goes on with other winning members (who are not as active). These are the guys you should be "modelling" and paying attention to as they are where most of us want to be. That is why we are here on BTC. Comparing Rex and toting his math prowess is a bit out of place here if you ask me. Sure, he may be a "math wizard, genius, guru, etc..." but that does not mean he can win at Baccarat because of it. This is something you don't know for now and can't be sure of unless you absolutely know he is profitable at Baccarat. Baccarat is not the financial markets. Yes, math is math, but, that does not mean just because someone uses math in the financial markets it translates over into Baccarat.That is like saying that a winning Nascar driver can win at Formula One racing just because the Nascar driver uses math to help him win. So, in closing Woody... model the best. If you want to win at Baccarat, I would think twice about wasting any time and energy thinking about Rex. Instead, spend that time and energy focusing on the excellence here at BTC.
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