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  1. Leaderships my thread here due to way2fast being involved with your board. By the way his is his close friend starboard the Vegas casinos about 500,000 and those markers are basically worthless checks, ???l. Such a valued group of friends???? Lol.
  2. Please remove my thread here as way2fast is imo one off the most obnoxious members ever, almost up there with the other one that lost about 500,000 and has about an equal amount out in outstanding markers that casinos can't cash in Vegas,lol,
  3. As an experienced long time baccarat player, IMO there is no greater knowledge one can have to be conscious of and alert to Sections/Turning Point & Plateaus. I know, deep in my heart, that without this information-most every player out there will have no conscious bearing relationship of the most ideal and pertinent times to wager in the shoe. And, if you think that there is none, you are truly doing yourself a huge injustice. Sections: Every shoe has what I label as 'Sections'. Sections are the show divided into about 3 or 4 physical horizontal sections of space. The shoe I poste
  4. The Way We Think (Especially at the Baccarat Table!) “It will happen—It has to happen”. Those are two of the most frequent sayings a player will here. And at times, yes they both do and yet—at other times, never. Some might not say, ‘never’. They explain it as, ‘then you are grasping—no evidence—just wishful thinking’, etc. Large wins, then nothing. Like WOW! Complete fizzle out, then turns into a ‘demand to prove something to no one except myself that I can win again or more’. Always the same, never changes. Years and years of playing, different properties, different states and
  5. Negative Progressions and Negative Frame-of-Mind I am putting down my thoughts here based on reading the past couple of days. I truly feel players going in a casino with the attitude/belief, “I can always get whatever I lose back by negative progression” is truly harmful. Unless and only unless you are at a $10.00 min table and you are only wager the $10.00 or $20.00 and you have a reserved buy-in and you are ready, willing and 100% able with risking the sums of $5,100.00 and $10,200.00 respectively, to attempt 8 progressions to
  6. How You Lose—Why You Lose With all the beliefs and subscriptions as to easy money—'sure fire winning'—'I can beat the game'—and numerous other ones, there seems to be widespread disagreement amongst the factual raw data of gambling with games that are either fair or extremely low house advantage. Baccarat falls into that description of being a fairly low house advantage. However, it is all dependent upon how the player is attempting to wager, mostly with time and length played and actual number of hands. All the rest of the game beliefs, strategies, illusions, perceptions, influences and
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