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  1. Thanks for your reply. I live in NYC so unfortunately because there are no live dealers here and the closest casino is Empire where baccarat is played electronically on computer, the best I can do is to judge live shoes playing through Vivo through Facebook. The more I practice using NOR for starters and learning how to read the shoes, I'll have a better way to answer your question. If there's a way you suggest I analyze the shoes I practice on through the live dealers, let me know?
  2. Hey Everyone, Though I just joined, I've been browsing through the forums trying to find my way around and the best way to start. Though I've played a little, I am 100% willing to submit to learning from scratch in the same way you all have and would highly recommend. Unless I'm wrong, it seems starting with NOR & NOR Plus are the best ways to begin learning. However If anyone can best advise from your experience to date and where within the site I need to go in order to begin learning, I would be grateful? Im looking to eventually become a high level player and am very tea
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