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  1. Very well said! And I for one would be in the camp that says you're an excellent teacher/instructor/mentor. That's because it's obvious you care about helping us find our path. Your words of wisdom don't fall on deaf ears. I agree, you have to believe in yourself above all else!
  2. It'll be fun to meet in Vegas when this all blows over. I'm sure @Keith Smith will arrange a "get together" to replace the one that was cancelled.
  3. Thank you so much @barneypip for the extensive and insightful post. I'd like to meet you in Tampa sometime...I have relatives there also. Again, not to put you on the spot @Bacoperator, but it would be interesting to know your methodology. And where the heck do you play, living in North Dakota? Oh that's right, they have casinos on Native American land if I remember...the same as here in New Mexico. Anyway, if you're so inclined, I'm sure I'm not the only one curious about your play. Thanks.
  4. I think it would be really cool for you to let us know a little about how you play. Bet selection, etc. My goal is also to get to a point where I can "count" on the extra income from playing, at least as much as is possible when it comes to "games of chance". Not intending to put you on the spot, just curious...thanks.
  5. I have also tried most of the betting systems, not just in Baccarat, but in Craps and Roulette. It's unbelievable how creative some people can be. That being said, I mostly flat bet now. I will use a mild Plus 1 in a difficult shoe, being happy to break even.
  6. Don't remember Leo Sayers recording of "If You Don't Know Me By Now" ...it was Simply Red. Maybe you're thinking of "When I Need You" It sounds similar and has the same time signature. FYI.
  7. I'll also chime in here. Kevin gave me the better part of an hour last week on the subject of sports betting. We went through a detailed thought process which has helped me immensely. Years ago, I thought I could profit from betting on Horse Racing (I gave up) and I haven't really bet on sports since. But when @kachatz1 offered to spend time with anyone interested, and knowing his integrity, I couldn't pass up the opportunity. Oh and by the way, he spent several hours with me while I was in Las Vegas a couple of months ago talking about and playing Baccarat. Thank you Kevin. I appreciate your time and the willingness to share your knowledge and experience. Mike
  8. A "Holy Grail" was never promised. Just a professional approach. Join or don't join. You'll be a better player if you keep an open mind. Keith is the most fair person I know. I'm not sure what you mean by "begging". He just points out the facts. This forum costs money to maintain so why would he let people just scan the threads for free? That being said, no one on the forum (or in the club) charges anything for their sage advice. No one is selling a system. Not one person claims that their way of playing is the best and is the holy grail. We're all just learning from each other...keeping an open mind. After joining and watching some of these people play in a casino, I saw immediately why I didn't win before and why they do. I'm winning now.
  9. As far as I know, Norm's manual and notes aren't posted anywhere in the forum. That being said, his method of play is mentioned quite frequently and I encourage you to join not just for his knowledge of the game but for the combined knowledge. The success of some of the members is unsurpassed and everyone is more than generous with what they know and how they play. Some knew Norm personally and therefore talk about his methods along with their own successful methods.
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