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  1. Is anyone here familiar with how baccarat works at the commerce casino? You can go on the site for the commerce and it will show how many current live tables and i have seen that number up to 70 which seems like that would be a mecca for baccarat. What i would like to know is do they have display screens for tracking the hands, are you able to walk around and make just one bet on a table and then move on, where i play we have 6 tables, i will often look for some bets i like on a few different shoes and i will walk around and wait for those bets i like. Any info would be appreciated.
  2. Thanks jimmybaccaratt for the words. Honestly, my boss was really pissing me off today and i was in a confrontational mood. So when i read oz's comment i got was i was looking for. Despite the fact that i completely misread it and misinterpreted the intention, i was totally off base. So that leads me to the next part, i have been at my job five and a half years. Up until this point it has given me pretty much what i needed it to financially. No i wasn't living the high life but i basically never had to worry about paying my rent. Well in 2017 i made about 6 percent less then i did in 20
  3. I want to retract my last statement, i owe oz an apology. I completely misinterpreted his comment. When i read it a second time i saw that it wasn't at all like i first read it, i was way off. Im not sure if any of you are familiar with the "two plus two"forums, they used to be good as far as poker is concerned but it just turned into a troll fest. I thought thats where this was headed. Any way, i will work on my paragraphs. I will have an update in a few hours as far as bac.
  4. Im actually 34, i know its long and i apologize. I thought this was a serious forum, I have been on the fence about joining for a while and comments like that make me think its not worth it. I know its 2018 but damn i am sick of trolls.
  5. First and foremost this is my first post in the forums. Myself and a friend have been working on beating baccarat for about a year (we did take a break for quite a while over last summer so honestly we have only been at it at the tables for 5 or 6 months). So lets start from the beginning, when it comes to casino games we had mainly been poker players. Then about 5 years ago we finally had casinos approved in our state . We remained poker players for a while but both of us worked jobs and did not rely on poker as a main source of poker. I think we both had burned our selves out at poker after
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