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  1. If you don’t mind, could you post your techniques on the Roulette thread? Glad you are back. I am a new member. Just started playing Baccarat last April.
  2. I definitely am not fluent in Kevinese by any measure. However, he does impart many golden nuggets of knowledge an hour and if I really listen, I can catch one or two of them. 😂 i really appreciate ALL the Masters of Baccarat on BTC that continually help us new players improve our skills. I have noticed lately that I rarely have to “Raise my hand and leave the room”! 😎 i can’t wait for the Macau trip to meet some of our international members!! A trip I would probably never take if it weren’t for BTC!!!
  3. $50? It is worth HUNDREDS!! I plead guilty as being one of the party that Kevin had to endure. At one point I mentioned to him that if anyone would have told me last March that I would be playing and making a good profit, I would have thought they were drunk or on something. To be able to sit and play with high caliber players like Kevin is worth more than $50. Then to make a profit is icing on the cake!!! Thank you BTC!!!
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