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  1. Great work buddy, 52/100 shoe challenge= success, thats 52 shoes- however approximately 4160 betting opportunites that your studying!
  2. Hey Oz, having now watched your MC about 7 times things are starting to sink in, bit slow in rural Victoria! Your advice re multiple runs is one a the best 'stop and think' moments Ive got from this place, ie multiple runs going from 3 to 4 or 4 to 5, it makes me stop and think after a three run, Are you ever in Melbourne? I'd shout you a shiraz? many thanks again
  3. Thanks for the reply mate, this like Gary Ablett teaching some to a kid to handball at an Auskick clinic! gee you had me laughing during your masterclass, the slang was gold! The wisdom freakin superb, just another level again You reminded me of a great mate of mine, same dont suffer fools attitude! It seems your not well, shingles is a bitch, so cheers to you getting better, actually bloody humbled you replied many thanks
  4. McVince and Av, can you help with 'Recent Most Common' events? When OZ, Wolfat, yourself Mcvince etc talk about these events how far back is considered a RMC ? Are we talking 2 or 3 events? your help would be awesome
  5. Cheers Mcvince and Avion, McVince thought your MC was as we'd say in Australia 'mint', appreciate you responding, Im quite amazed at the humbleness of the big dogs like yourself on the forum, thanks again
  6. Hello good people, very, very new to forum however i am loving it, just watched the OZ masterclass and couldnt sleep(excited)- thanks for that mate!! does he do that to everybody??? Have a question regarding When not to bet, it seems much of the forum is about learning and assessing triggers when to bet, however OZ was awesome in talking about when NOT to. So what are the main triggers to avoid and look out for? thanks in advance
  7. many thanks again, like the Babe Ruth strike analogy, will read up and watch some of suggested, and yes I will call once again thanks for the generosity of your time
  8. Cheers for replying kachatz1, my experience is extremely limited to date, been playing for a month and have fallen for this game, Ive played 15 practice shoes on the interface and 10 at the casino with 4:6 win loss. I have listened to some of your videos and especially the 87% solution-was fantastic. I am a property valuer in Australia and make a living out of analysing property stats so the game has really got me (in a good way) love the odds compared to other casino games . I guess the more specific question is what are the sequences or triggers when you believe the odds are in your favour, as opposed to red flag events within a shoe. ie do you wait for a certain number of hands etc I believe your a legend of this forum, so it feel like its like Babe Ruth practicing with someone who has just taken up baseball and very much appreciate you replying, that is humbling thankyou for your time
  9. Hello good people, Im very new to the forum but have a question. It seems that the big bacarrat question is deciding whether or not to bet in a particular shoe? Can anyone help with identifying characteristics of an excellent shoe, many thanks and loving the forum
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