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  1. If we flat bet or use progression or say levels of betting. We need to have stops ....the key to me is recognizing where to stop. I don't believe in an exact stop except for that point where it will be to costly to recoup in future shoes. Something like getting down getting down 7 units and having a great recovery to minus 2 More importantly taking a 1 unit win instead of pushing for more and ending up losing 3 units It's these swings that are important for the grind. Imho Nick. ( Stacks is an old handle from my bj21.com days)
  2. I can win flat betting at blackjack and baccarat. For blackjack I would only play 8 deck shoe game and stick to stop wins and losses. Stop win was 2 units...so if I happen to win first hand with BJ would stop with 1.5 win. Stop loss is 8 units The stop loss wouldn't just always be 8.... another words if I was at minus 3 and got to minus 1 I would stop there This way I would have a losses of 1 or 2 way more than 8... bringing average loss to under 2 My average win would be near average loss and I would win 75 of shoes played I stop pla
  3. There was no question. As for fixed stops, the most important is the stop loss. So yeah at some point we have accept the loss and wait for the next shoe. More times than not I will be able to see that getting a win is too risky and finding a good loss will be better. Also with taking quick wins, like grabbing a one unit wins increases my win rate. Just picture one of those one unit wins being played out to a 5 unit loss. So that's a 6 unit swing by occasionally taking that quick win. The same goes for stop losses, if I find the ideal loss I will save units there too.
  4. I'm sure most of what I write here will not be new to most of the baccarat players here. I play baccarat because it's dealt from a shoe with a beginning and a end. I'm not at all concerned with the end. I will only flat bet and use bet selection as my approach. I used to really wait a bit to get a read on the shoe before betting. I stopped waiting so much and prefer to bet quicker. I'll pick moments to bet after the first decision. When I do this I generally if bank wins first decision I will follow for a miracle run and if player wins I will bet for the chop. But for the maj
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