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  1.   On 5/13/2018 at 7:18 AM, kachatz1 said:

    NO,  We won’t be “ reinventing the wheel” , but we will be putting our collective brains together to create something we all can use.

    ( thinking this is going to surprise you)


    Before it’s over, you will likely question my Baccarat sanity...

    ( and yours)


    sorry for for being away past week...am dealing with some family matters back east and will have to come back to this at a later date.

    Hi Kevin,

    There was a lot of interest in what you were working on back on May 13th but nothing since then...   Can you share now or did things go South?

    Thanks so much for all of your contributions to our Baccarat knowledge!


    PS  I posted this in the thread also but I wanted to be sure you saw it and I didn't know if it would let you know or not (sorry about the duplication!)

  2. Of course I'm very interested! Thanks for sharing and caring Kevin! Jim
  3. Hi, I just found this today so I am reviewing the newest version "2 high netbet v.91.docx on page 2: T he first concept to understand is to when and where to start in a game and how to net bet. Net betting is simply combing two numbers and betting the difference. should probably read: understand is when and where to start in a game and how to net bet. Net betting is simply combining two numbers and betting the difference top of page 3: The rule is this if you win any bet of the progression you always go back to the ini
  4. Hi Keith,

    I've been a member for a long time and my latest payment is shown below but somehow I am locked out of the forums.  Please fix it so I have access once again.


    Jim Files

    tjfiles on the forum


  5. Great post CT70, Thanks for sharing. I'll definitely give this a try. Jim
  6. Hi Johnny, I know what you mean. I was recently in Albuquerque, just over night but I went to Sandia Casino to use mdb+. Only baccarat they had was in a high limit room with three large tables all full with 2 or 3 people behind each person and the room was full of smoke, Arrgh! We were there for about 30 seconds and left it with them. If you want to share your craps system either publicly or privately I'm sure someone could give you some good feedback on how it does. Best of Luck, Jim tjfiles
  7. Ellis, I'm in as well, looking forward to a comprehensive all in one place treatise of some of your accumulated knowledge of baccarat and the casinos! Best Regards, Jim
  8. Just paid for it! Really looking forward to learning it and profiting from it! Thanks Jim
  9. Hmmm, well perhaps I worried too soon about net betting. I have tried MDB+ online at Bogart (Bet Phoenix) and I got creamed almost every time. Maybe by using SAP counts I can let the shoe tell me when normal MDB+ will work for me and when i need to play sap normally and bet on the highest events and against the lowest events. I was hoping net betting would be the key to playing online but perhaps I should wait and see how this works out. As long as we win it doesn't matter how, lol. Still very interested in net betting 2 hi though!
  10. That sounds great but I do hope we don't abandon NB2Hi. There are so many advantages to net betting. Regards, Jim
  11. Thanks Way! That would be Great! And very much appreciated by all of us! Best Regards, Jim
  12. Note to ellis, Please post whatever you have so far and let us all try to test and work out any changes that might be needed. We are all patiently (or not) waiting for any updates or ideas that you are working on but please throw us a bone and give us more information about what you have so far, even if it isn't a totally finished and perfected method. We can all work on it together if you give us something more to go on. What do you say? Best regards, Jim
  13. Hi Ellis, I understand that is the holidays and unfortunately you have had some personal issues to deal with so there has been almost a month of delay to making any progress with the new MDB 2Hi Net Bet. I have been working on duplicating your results based on the shoe above and the rules as they have been written so far but I have not been able to get the same results even by play 11 where you had a score of +5. If you could either post your old shoe or tell us what the entries were on each side so we could try to figure out how to work the system it would be wonderful! Anything you could w
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